A group of friends in a Muvix screening room. A group of friends in a Muvix screening room. A group of friends in a Muvix screening room. (Photo: Shahar Haber)

Don't like to go to the movies anymore?

A new startup may have a solution to get you back in theaters.

Natalie Portman has a new movie out. You've been reading the reviews – they seem good – and you consider heading to the movie theater with a few friends. But then you pause and think: I can just wait and watch this movie when it comes out on DVD. Besides, I've got a big screen at home, and I can eat whatever I want and pause the movie when needed. It's really not worth going to the theater.

Well, you're not alone. In recent years, the number of frequent moviegoers – people who go to the theater at least once a month – decreased by 3.7 million or 10%. The rising costs of ticket prices coupled with the high-tech advancements of home theater setups are just two of the reasons behind this trend.

The Muvix concept recreates the comfort of home viewing.The Muvix concept recreates the comfort of home viewing. (Photo: Shahar Haber)

But what if there was a way to merge the theater experience with the home experience? That's exactly what's behind a new company called Muvix. The startup, based in Israel, recently opened a space with multiple private screening rooms. Some have lounge chairs and couches. Others have beds. The goal is to create a moviegoing experience that mimics the comfort of your home, but with the added bonus of camaraderie and big screens.

The new building has 14 theaters of varying sizes and a kitchen staff ready to whip up whatever you want. There's even an app so you can easily order up the size theater you need and the movie you want to watch. Muvix's focus is on films already out on DVD. Indeed, the company feels their screening rooms are a great way for friends to enjoy classic movies like "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" or "The Wizard of Oz." Imagine hosting a "Frozen"-themed kid's birthday party at one of these theaters.

The restaurant and bar in the lobby of the Muvix concept.The restaurant and bar in the lobby of the Muvix concept. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

For now, the company is testing the concept in the Mediterranean metropolis of Tel Aviv and hopes to eventually expand the service worldwide. In the U.S., more theaters are moving to create unique viewing experiences, including adding couches and fully stocked bars. But so far, nothing like Muvix exists here.

So while you can't yet have a Wonder Woman viewing party in a Muvix screening room just yet, we're hoping that might change in time for Wonder Woman 2.


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