Elsa from Disney's 'Frozen' Elsa from Disney's 'Frozen' The popular movie "Frozen" was translated to "Breaking the Ice" when it was promoted in Israel. (Photo: Disney)

'Frozen' and other movie titles get a bit lost in translation

We love these literal versions of titles from popular films shown overseas.

There's a popular new Disney film about a courageous princess on an epic journey in an icy tundra – and it's called "Breaking the Ice." Have you heard of it?

When popular American movies get shipped overseas, oftentimes their titles need a little tweaking before being promoted in new countries. Take, for example, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." When the 2009 animated movie landed in Israel, the name got changed to "It's Raining Falafel." Or the 1997 Oscar-winning Jack Nicholson movie "As Good as it Gets." In China, it was called "Mr. Cat Poop." In France, "Home Alone" was called "Mom, I Missed the Plane."

These cultural distinctions can take on some unexpected new titles for films.  We've rounded up some of our favorites here:

'Up in the Air' in Japan became 'Mileage, My Life'Up in the Air Japan (Paramount Pictures)

'Annie Hall' in Germany became 'The Urban Neurotic' Annie Hall in Germany(United Artists)

'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' in Italy became 'If You Leave Me, I Delete You'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in Italy(Focus Features)

 'Grease' in Argentina became 'Vaseline'Grease in Argentina(Paramount Pictures)

'Knocked Up' in Peru became 'Slightly Pregnant' Knocked up in Peru(Universal Pictures)

'The Hangover' in Israel became 'Before the Wedding We Stop in Vegas' The Hangover in Israel(Warner Bros.)


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