the incredibles the incredibles It takes a super mom to raise a super family. (Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures)

Behind every superhero is a super mom

In the world of pop culture parents, these five mothers make it look easy.

Behind every hero, there's a woman: his mother. These superhero moms provide emotional and sometimes even physical support to their super children. (And in a way, don't a lot of mothers think of their children as superheroes?).

In the upcoming "Wonder Woman" movie, Danish actress Connie Nielsen has signed on to portray the mother of Wonder Woman, who is being portrayed by Israeli actress Gal Gadot. In honor of this sure-to-be super mother-daugher relationship, we put together a list of some of our other favorite superhero moms.

Martha Kent

First up is Martha Kent, Superman's adoptive mother who lives in the rural town of Smallville, Kansas. American film star Diane Lane, who played Martha in "Man of Steel," considered her character quite pragmatic. "When you find this star-child in the barn, you realize all the capacities this young being has," she said in an interview. "There's a moral obligation to be the best tour guide you can be."

Lane, who herself is a mother, found inspiration in her own parenting for her role. She says she approaches her real-life motherhood by thinking of herself as a guide for her children. "Explain the world you were born into as best you can," she says.

Lara Lor-Van

Man of SteelAyelet Zurer and Russell Crowe in "Man of Steel". (Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Not all superhero moms are human. Lara, Superman's biological mother and the wife of scientist Jor-El, is an alien from the planet Krypton. After population control and isolationism ruins her civilization, Lara and her husband put their baby son in a spaceship and launch him to Earth. Not the most warm parenting.

Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer, who plays Lara in "Man of Steel," creates convincing performance by visualizing her scenes.

"I see an image of the scene," she told From The Grapevine. "I see it very vividly. Sometimes I even illustrate my characters how I see them, how they carry themselves in the world."

Queen Olympias

Angelina Jolie (center) starred as Olympias in Oliver Stone's 2004 film "Alexander."Angelina Jolie (center) starred as Olympias in Oliver Stone's 2004 film "Alexander." (Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

American actress Angelina Jolie played Alexander the Great's mom, Queen Olympias, in the 2004 movie "Alexander." She's an elegant lady who has some pretty unusual parenting advice. While instructing young Alexander about snakes, she tells him, "They are like people. You can love them for years. Feed them, nurture them, but still, they can turn on you."

In real life, Jolie has also become an exemplar of motherhood. Together with husband Brad Pitt, the couple has three children by birth, and another three which they have adopted. In addition, Jolie works for various humanitarian causes around the world related to the safety of children.


Actress Rene Russo portrayed Thor's mother in a 2011 movie.Actress Rene Russo portrayed Thor's mother in a 2011 movie. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Frigga, Thor's mom in the 2011 film "Thor," has a pretty impressive family. She's the wife of Odin, queen of Asgard, mother of Thor and adoptive mother of Loki. American actress Rene Russo, who portrays Frigga in the film, signed on for possible sequels, joking in an interview, "Eventually they'll kick me out, so who knows how many I'll do."

Frigga is a wise and compassionate queen, and she's also a loving and understanding mother to Thor and Loki, as evidenced by this conversation she had with Thor on the day of his coronation:

Frigga: "It's all right to be nervous."
Thor: "Why does everyone keep saying that? I am not nervous."
Frigga: "You may be able to fool the rest of Asgard..."
Thor: "Yes, but never you. I know."
Frigga: "Thor, just remember that you have something even the great father never had."
Thor: "And what's that?"
Frigga: "Me for a mother."

You just kind of want to high five her after hearing that.

Mrs. Incredible

Mrs. Incredible, also known as Helen Parr and Elastigirl, takes the idea of a superhero mom to a whole new level. She's the mom of a superhero family and a superheroine in her own right, with the ability to stretch up to a hundred feet and become one milimeter thin. Her red suit can stretch with her, so she sports some pretty tight threads.

She's also an experienced jet pilot, a dedicated spouse, a clever tactition and an inspirational leader. Basically, she's a woman who can do it all, albeit one who might be stretching herself a bit thin.

Mrs. Incredible, who was voiced by American actress Holly Hunter in the movie "The Incredibles," lives with her husband and three children: Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Mrs. Incredible spends a lot of the movie trying to help her family adjust to boring, non-superhero life, but she eventually joins them in a series of adventures.


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Behind every superhero is a super mom
In the world of pop culture parents, these five mothers make it look easy.