Mentalist Oz Pearlman performed several tricks on the popular "Squawk Box" show. Mentalist Oz Pearlman performed several tricks on the popular "Squawk Box" show. Mentalist Oz Pearlman performed several tricks on the popular "Squawk Box" show. (Photo: CNBC)

Former analyst returns to Wall Street to perform mind-blowing magic trick

Worlds collide as the 'America's Got Talent' finalist Oz Pearlman wows anchors at CNBC.

Oz Pearlman is no stranger to Wall Street. For years, the 33-year-old Israel-born Pearlman worked for Merrill Lynch. He eventually left the daily grind of the financial markets to pursue his lifelong goal of becoming a magician, something he started tinkering with on a family vacation when he was just 13 years old.

On Wednesday morning, those worlds collided when Pearlman was invited to CNBC's popular "Squawk Box" program to perform a trick on the business network. The merger of magic and money came about because one of the show's hosts, Andrew Ross Sorkin, had seen Pearlman perform at an event and became an instant fan.

"I was definitely a little bit nervous. A lot of my former colleagues were going to be watching it," Pearlman told From The Grapevine during an interview afterwards. "It was 20 minutes before the market opened. So the timing couldn't have been any better."

Pearlman was told there'd only be time for two tricks, but as you can see from the video below, he left the anchors begging for more:

This morning's segment was filmed at CNBC's studios located directly across the street from Radio City Music Hall. It was there that TV audiences witnessed his rise to fame on this year's season of "America's Got Talent," where he ended up coming in third place.

After the two tricks were done, the CNBC anchors asked for more. It was the odd case of someone surprising the mentalist. Luckily, Pearlman is the consummate professional and was prepared with a third trick up his sleeve.

For those who still can't get enough of Pearlman's mind-reading tricks, he will be performing at Gurney's Resort in New York for a special New Year's Eve performance. Pearlman tells us there are still a few seats left.

That will wrap up the busiest season for the great and powerful Oz, whose December was replete with numerous corporate holiday parties, various charity events and an appearance on Meredith Vieira's show. He says he's going to take a few days off to recuperate and relax. But don't worry, he won't be disappearing for long.

"Stay tuned," he tells us cryptically. 2016 is looking to be another blockbuster year.


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