Noga Erez singing 'Dance While You Shoot.' Noga Erez singing 'Dance While You Shoot.' That song you just heard in the background of Apple Music's new ad? That was Noga Erez. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

Meet the Israeli singer behind Apple Music's newest ad

Noga Erez is an indie artist on the rise, and she just got a huge career boost with an appearance in a new commercial.

Does anyone ever just listen to music anymore? It's almost 2018, and the ways in which we hear, discover and share new music are changing at breakneck speed. Namely, when we hear an ad or watch a TV show that features some catchy tune in the background, we want to know where it came from. Immediately. And it's thanks to that curiosity and immediacy that so many heretofore unknown artists have skyrocketed to stardom in a trajectory that all started with a few seconds of screen time.

Which brings us to Noga Erez. When From The Grapevine first caught up with her, we called her a "rising star," a 26-year-old Israeli musician who is classically trained in piano and voice but over the years developed a complex, layered electronic style in her home country.

Noga Erez Noga Erez (Photo: Ron Kohen)

She did a couple covers of American songs and, in her words, "became known as the girl who knows how to do nice songs of covers." Like this one she did in August, covering Alessia Cara's "Here" in her own trippy, ethereal way:

But that was sooooo last year ago. Now, Erez is becoming Apple's new "it" artist as her song can be heard in the tech giant's 30-second spot promoting their music streaming service. You can even see her in the ad, around the 25-second mark:

It's stylish, it's dizzying, it's wild. In other words, it's right up Apple's alley when it comes to music curation. And for Erez, it's the big break this Tel Aviv-based indie darling has been waiting for.

Noga Erez formed a duo with Ran Jacobovitz to fill out her sound. Noga Erez formed a duo with Ran Jacobovitz to fill out her sound. (Photo: Victor Mupper)

It's not actually the first time an Israeli artist was catapulted to the charts after a swig of Apple's powerful ad juice. In 2008, French-Israeli singer Yael Naim rose to fame with her song "New Soul" that played in an ad for the first generation of Apple's Macbook Air. Having trouble remembering? Just press play. Trust me, you'll recognize it.

For her part, Erez, now 27, is lapping up the focus on her original work. Her album, Off the Radar, came out June 2, and it includes the Apple-handpicked song as well as another track called "Balkada," which you can watch below:


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