Utab Utab Utab, an online music service, provides musicians with instant access to chords and other information from any audio file. (Photo: Halfpoint / Shutterstock)

Musicians can learn any song with instant lyrics and sheet music

Utab needs only a few seconds to transform a song into digital sheet music.

As any musician will tell you, the key to hitting the right notes for a performance comes down to having access to those notes in the first place. The human ear, while powerful in its ability to interpret chords from song, can only do so much when a circle of friends is asking you to jam on the guitar to the latest hit from Sia. And what if you're skilled in playing, but less versed in writing that music into chords? How can you easily share the ear worm you've created with other musicians?

Utab Media, based in Israel and with offices in America, has created an online service with the express goal of giving musicians everything they need to play nearly any song. From that obscure single from the 1960s you discovered at a record swap to the latest musical symphony your roommate spontaneously recorded, Utab will analyze and reverse-engineer the audio into a chorded timeline in under 15 seconds.


Utab was co-founded by two young Israeli entrepreneurs Yotam Laufer and Sefi Golan. Laufer said that Utab's code is groundbreaking in how it reverse-engineers music.

"There are plenty of algorithms out there claiming to be the best in what they initially intended to do but from the user perspective, this one is the 'jackpot' because of the simple fact it intended to do exactly what users want – finding the most accurate chords in no time,” Laufer, who is also the CTO of the Israeli startup Lost My Name, told a local newspaper.

Just how easy is the service to use? Once you have an account on the site, you can upload a recorded file of anything from a song to yourself humming a tune and within seconds have a chorded timeline with an accurate tempo thrown back at you. As part of its premium service, Utab also employs a large group of professional musicians to verify the finished product, as well as furnish chord charts, lyrics and much more.

uTabA screenshot of Utab's innovative synched chords and lyrics player for the song 'Alive' by Pearl Jam. (Photo: Utab)

For those that just want to jam using the site's innovative player, Utab has chorded timelines for everything from Adele's "Hello" to Metallica's "Wherever I May Roam."

"I can surely say that analyzing and providing chords for pop songs is 99% accurate and perfectly synced with the song itself," Laufer added. "That said, from the couple hundred metal songs we’ve already analyzed, the algorithm managed to provide good and reliable results, time after time.”

Utab plans on expanding the functionality of its service to provide even more information on an audio file, especially in the case of songs with advanced chords and tablature. As for the fear that this kind of technology could one day replace musicians entirely, Laufer isn't worried.

"We need to remember that music wise – there isn’t a substitute to a simple human ear," he said.


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Musicians can learn any song with instant lyrics and sheet music
Musicians can learn any song with instant lyrics and sheet music from Utab Media.