KISS comics KISS comics The new KISS comics series will launch with 10 different covers in celebration of the band's iconic larger-than-life stage personas. (Photo: Dynamite Entertainment)

No stranger to comic books, KISS returns to its roots

The classic rock band is set to once again crash the world of comics with a new series set in a dystopian future.

Fresh off helping Scooby-Doo and the gang solve yet another spooky mystery, the members of the rock band KISS are next setting their sights on an even bigger mission: saving the world.

Starting in late October, Dynamite Entertainment will publish a new series featuring KISS in all their makeup glory on a globe-trotting adventure. The band's return to the page is yet another chapter in a relationship with the comics industry that spans more than four decades, seven publishing houses (including Marvel and Dark Horse Comics) and dozens of issues.

"Kiss has never been just a band," Israeli-American frontman Gene Simmons told The Hollywood Reporter, alluding to the more than 3,000 products the group has licensed since their formation in 1973. The comics genre in particular, which Simmons fell in love with while growing up in Israel's port city of Haifa, was an easy sell for a group known for its larger-than-life stage personas.

"Clearly everybody wants to be a superhero, but people don't really understand the Greek mythological nature, the depth that superheroes conceptually are," Simmons said earlier this year. "Even though they're fictional and sci-fi and all that stuff, there's a great humanism that runs rampant throughout it."

KISS comicsThe new KISS comic series, written by Amy Chu and illustrated by Kewber Baal, will place the band in a dystopian future. (Photo: Kewber Baal/Bradshaw)

To create the latest chapter in the KISS comics franchise, Dynamite turned to writer Amy Chu and illustrator Kewber Baal. The plot will reportedly take place in a dystopian future, where people are forced to live underground. When a group of teenagers decides to investigate the truth about their subterranean city, they stumble upon a mystery that kicks off a wild adventure.

According to Chu, who has previously worked on the "Wonder Woman" comics franchise, fans of films like "Blade Runner," "Pacific Rim" and even the "Harry Potter" films will all enjoy the new "KISS" series.

"I grew up reading and watching a lot of science fiction and it just seemed like a no brainer – something different and something serious that hadn’t been done before," she told Comics Beat. "You don’t have to be a KISS fan to get into this story. It’s about challenging what’s around us, our society, beliefs, authority. KISS is larger than life. There is a mythology around these characters – they are rock GODS."

To celebrate the first issue, slated for release on Oct. 19, Dynamite enlisted artists like Italian Francesco Francavilla and American Goni Montes to illustrate 10 different covers highlighting each member of the band. The company is hopeful that lightning will strike twice in the world of rock star legends, after a well-received debut last year of a comic series featuring the great Alice Cooper.

As for Simmons, he's eager to once again make the leap from stage to page as a bonafide superhero.

"I fly through the air at eight feet per second. Yes, I spit fire. And yes, I wear bat wings and dragon boots," he added to The Hollywood Reporter. "Don't be jealous."


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No stranger to comic books, KISS returns to its roots
The classic rock band is set to once again crash the world of comics with a new series set in a dystopian future.