earring earring This amber bead was once part of a necklace. (Photo: All Blues)

A jeweler's tribute to his grandmother is scattered around the world

Handcrafted earrings made from woman's favorite necklace honors her last wish.

After Jacob Skragge's grandmother, Marianne, passed away this year, Skragge knew he had to do something special with an amber necklace she'd bought during a trip to Israel in 1961. Before passing, the beloved grandmother told her family that she wanted her belongings to be "scattered in the wind," reports The New York Times.

Skragge could have mailed the necklace far away or tossed it off a picturesque Israeli mountain, but he wanted to do something different. Skragge was a jewelry designer – a co-founder of All Blues, a Swedish jewelry brand – and he decided to do what he knew. So he took apart the amber stones and fashioned them into 37 handcrafted earrings.


Each earring is numbered. Skragge is keeping one, and he's selling the rest around the world through his company's online store.

Skragge previewed his collection at Ett Hem, a hotel in Stockholm, before releasing it online Monday. People really seem interested in it, since there's already a waiting list.

"Thank you all very much for your beautiful messages," said the All Blues website. "We are overwhelmed by your love and support."


All Blues' other co-founder, Fredrik Nathorst, was the one who actually designed, curated and photographed "Project Marianne." It must have been an emotional job, and Nathorst took care to make each earring sensitively.

Nathorst wanted to make something beautiful, but he didn't want intricate designs to overwhelm the meaning behind the pieces. So he used simple sterling silver plates to frame the amber beads “without becoming more important than the work itself.”


Skragge feels good about his creative decision. He imagines that having the stones will create "a warm feeling, and will make me feel her soul is staying present with me."

"I will give the earring I’m keeping to my future daughter or wife," he continued. "I know she would want that.”


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A jeweler's tribute to his grandmother is scattered around the world
A jeweler turns grandmother's favorite necklace into 37 handcrafted earrings.