Warde Warde The flowers signal shoppers to hurry if they want to catch the tram. (Photo: Courtesy of HQ Architects)

Giant flowers brighten city square with a surprise ...

... They magically 'bloom' when you walk by.

It's about time we created Wonderland. A Tel Aviv architecture firm installed giant flowers in the heart of Jerusalem, near a central train station. The flowers, which are 30 feet tall by 30 feet wide, are both artistic and functional: when passengers get off the train and walk by the flowers, they "bloom." Seriously, take a look:


The installation, which is called "Warde," consists of four flowers that look sort of like poppies, positioned carefully so they can be viewed around the square and from the nearby market. In addition to looking cool, these flowers provide shelter from the sun and rain, and they illuminate at night.

How do they work? Apparently, when a pedestrian walks by, the flowers inflate with air. When a pedestrian walks away, they deflate. We're sure there's a lot more science to it, but we prefer to think of them like flowery moonbounces.

warde flowersThe flowers are designed to "wilt" when people aren't around. (Photo: Courtesy of HQ Architects)

The flowers were created by HQ Architects, as part of the municipality’s plan to brighten up its city center. Valero Square, where the flowers are situated, is currently divided by a tram line into two urban spaces. The installation makes the place feel a lot less urban and a lot more magical, which is pretty much the best thing you can ask for from colossal, reactive red flowers.

According to the firm, Warde is an attempt "to try and lighten up the urban space, by spreading around these four elements that have a hint of fantasy."

It's a pretty unusual idea, but not an unheard of one. Seattle actually installed its own giant psychedelic flowers in 2013.


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Giant flowers brighten city square with a surprise ...
This city's new art installation 'blooms' when you walk by.