Kol Hamishpacha family band Kol Hamishpacha family band Portrait of a family band. (Photo courtesy Molly Photography)

Israeli band's Queen cover is a celebration of family

'Somebody to Love' video showcases the talents of mom, dad and four siblings.

It's no easy feat to pull off a decent cover of Queen's "Somebody to Love," but Israeli family band Kol haMishpaha (which means "a family's voice") clearly isn't afraid of a challenge. The six-member group, made up of four siblings and their parents, has been performing together since 2004, starting off initially with a tribute to the Beatles and then expanding to other artists.

Their version of "Somebody to Love," which earned them a write-up from the Huffington Post, is an homage to not only their parents' love (father Bam sang Queen's "You Take My Breath Away" to win mom Idith's heart), but also the importance of family. 

"The whole Queen tribute is very special for Kol haMishpaha, because, besides bringing the parents together, it's the most influential band for our family as a whole, as well as for each one of us individually," sibling Noa told Yahoo's Good News Blog. "On the video clip for 'Somebody to Love' we are showing the story of a young girl, who is lost and lonely, but in the end she finds the only place where she'll never be alone and always be loved - with her family."

Rock out to Kol haMishpaha's "Somebody to Love" cover below. 



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Israeli band's Queen cover is a celebration of family
A 'Somebody to Love' cover that rivals Queen's original? No easy feat, but Israeli family band Kol haMishpaha clearly isn't afraid of a challenge.