Clockwise from top left: Bar Paly, Oded Fher, Neta Alchimister, Yotam Shwartz, Ania Bukstein, Gal Gadot, Michael Lewis, Bar Refaeli, Paige Conners and Evgeni Krasnopolsky, Ayelet Zurer. Clockwise from top left: Bar Paly, Oded Fher, Neta Alchimister, Yotam Shwartz, Ania Bukstein, Gal Gadot, Michael Lewis, Bar Refaeli, Paige Conners and Evgeni Krasnopolsky, Ayelet Zurer. Clockwise from top left: Bar Paly, Oded Fher, Neta Alchimister, Yotam Shwartz, Ania Bukstein, Gal Gadot, Michael Lewis, Bar Refaeli, Paige Conners and Evgeni Krasnopolsky, Ayelet Zurer. (Photo: Instagram)

10 of Israel’s most beautiful people

From Gal Gadot to Michael Lewis, these stunning Israelis will catch your eye and win your heart.

Whether you're sitting on the sandy shores of Tel Aviv or hiking through the lush forests outside Jerusalem, there's no shortage of beautiful Israelis to marvel at. Is it the Mediterranean diet that's so prevalent and celebrated throughout the world? Or perhaps the avid dedication to physical fitness and countless outdoor activities? Or is it just the wine?

Whatever the reason, the following genetically blessed Israelis below are celebrated worldwide not just for their good looks, but also big hearts and ambition. Take a look below, but be careful: It's easy to get lost in the eyes of these beautiful humans.

Gal Gadot

Much more than just a pretty face, Israeli actress Gal Gadot has wrapped her golden lasso around the world as the new embodiment of the beloved DC Comics character "Wonder Woman." The law student turned international celebrity knew from the beginning that presenting a strong female character could serve as an inspiring role model for millions of fans.

"I don't want to play a damsel in distress that needs to be saved. I don't like it when women in the movies are shown as the victims," Gadot said in one interview. "I always thought that if I could send out a message, I want to show the strong side of a woman and how she can handle tough situations."

Gadot, who also has a flair for comedy, will next be seen in the "Wonder Woman" sequel slated for late 2019.

"The physicality of it is really challenging, but I like it, I enjoy it," Gadot recently told reporters. "It makes me happy after I do it right... But I really love Diana, I love everything about her. I love the story: she has a heart of a human being, powers of a goddess and a very wise brain, so it is everything. I love her."

Yotam Shwartz

Recently named "One of the Sexiest Men to Follow on Instagram," Israeli model Yotam Shwartz has walked the runway for such high-end fashion brands as D&G, Calvin Klein, and Giorgio Armani. In addition to easily turning heads with his good looks, Shwartz also has an eye for photography. Those interested in viewing his work behind the camera can peruse his portfolio here.

Ayelet Zurer

After a one-season hiatus, Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer will likely once again reprise the role of Vanessa Marianna in the third season of Netflix's critically acclaimed series "Daredevil." The Hollywood veteran, who also starred as Superman's mother in the 2013 film "Man of Steel," has a soft spot for playing characters from the comic book universe.

"The warmth of the fans is something I haven't seen," Zurer told From The Grapevine after a recent trip to New York Comic-Con. "Maybe with 'Angels and Demons' in Japan, you know, but yeah, this was particularly enthusiastic. Also I just love the fun idea of people getting dressed as their superheroes. It's kind of like Halloween, but a more psychological fit to the dream icon you want to be in this world."

Michael Lewis

Israeli Michael Lewis, a man who considers books "his best friends," is also well acquainted with the lenses of many famous photographers. Named one of "The 25 Sexiest Men in the World" by People magazine in 2011, Lewis has enjoyed a career as a cover model for several magazines, as well as walking the runway for Israeli fashion houses like Castro.

In 2010, he took home the Mirror Ball trophy on the Israeli version of the dance competition series "Dancing with the Stars." He's also competed in the Israeli version of "Survivor" and an Italian version of "The Amazing Race" called "The Peking Express."

In 2017, Lewis founded the popular smoothie and health drink brand Juice Box in the coastal Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv.

Bar Paly

Much like Gal Gadot, Israeli-American Bar Paly's career first began in modeling and then quickly transitioned to film and television. After scoring a role in the phenomenal 2008 horror film "The Ruins," the actress quickly began landing roles in movies like "Pain and Gain" and on TV series such as "How I Met Your Mother," "Bosch," and as the legendary beauty Helen of Troy on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow."

"I want to explore it all, try to get into the minds of as many characters as I can," she told Galore Magazine. "I want to tell great stories through them – so I don’t want to limit my expectation to just one."

Paly can currently be seen in a recurring role on "NCIS: Los Angeles."

Paige Conners and Evgeni Krasnopolsky

During the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, Paige Conners and her skating partner Evgeni Krasnopolski enchanted the crowds with their dramatic and beautiful performance in pairs skating. Even more impressive is that their incredible synergy on the ice was formed after working together for less than five months.

“Skating for Israel means a lot coming from a small country, a very small city where I grew up, with a dream of becoming an Olympian one day. And now, just days from my second Olympics, I still can’t believe it yet,” Krasnopolsky told From the Grapevine in February.

While the pair did not medal, their effortless grace on the ice means this will likely not be the last time they dazzle on the world stage.

Oded Fehr

One of the more recognizable character actors in Hollwyood, Oded Fehr's rugged good looks and talent in front of the camera continue to earn him roles in television and film. The Israel native, who first achieved international fame in "The Mummy" franchise, has appeared in everything from "Jane By Design" to "NCIS" and "Once Upon A Time." Taking a page out of the Mark Hamill playbook, he even recently provided voice-over support for the popular video game series "Destiny 2."

"I want to do well enough to get some recognition," Fehr, born in Tel Aviv, said in an interview. "I would hope to become an actor who is good enough to win Oscars. That is my goal, to do as much as I can. I feel very lucky to be doing what I am doing with my career."

Neta Alchimister

An Israeli model and co-founder of the swimwear brand BaNaNhot, Neta Alchimister has also carved out a niche as a social media star. According to the Israeli Internet Association, Alchimister is the third most-popular Instagram star in Israel, with a follower count lacking only behind that of Gal Gadot and Bar Refaeli.

Bar Refaeli

Israeli model Bar Refaeli is an international celebrity known for her sun-kissed good looks, public support for social issues, and business investments throughout Israel. The former host of the Israeli version of the hit reality series "The X Factor," Refaeli has a personal mantra that she uses to help keep her grounded and strong in her own skin.

"Coming from a world where everything's about beauty and very shallow things, there's a sentence that I heard that I follow and I love," she told Elle Magazine. "It says, 'Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.'"

Ania Bukstein

A classically trained pianist, Bukstein has found success as a musician, singer and in both film and television. Fans of NatGeo's Emmy-nominated "Genius" will recognize her as Albert Einstein's lover Margarita Konenkova, while those patiently awaiting the return of HBO's "Game of Thrones" will no doubt remember her role as the red priestess Kinvara.

“That was an awesome character. She kicked ass. She showed power. She was so intimidating, so creepy,” Bukstein told From The Grapevine of her "GOT" role. “I loved everything about it, from the moment I read the scene when I was auditioning. I’m a real fan of the show so I understood the language of ‘Game of Thrones.’”

In addition to her on-screen talents, Bukstein has also taken to the stage to play piano with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and perform in both dramas and musicals. In 2013, she starred as Maria Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music."

"It's joy. It's just pure joy for me," she said at the time. "Every night I get goosebumps and I'm so thrilled to sing these songs. I feel honored to even touch this material because it's such a classic."


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10 of Israel’s most beautiful people
From Gal Gadot to Michael Lewis, these stunning Israelis will catch your eye and win your heart.