The many faces of actress Inbar Lavi on "Imposters." The many faces of actress Inbar Lavi on "Imposters." The many faces of Inbar Lavi on "Imposters." (Photo: Bravo)

Watch the first 11 minutes of 'Imposters' and you'll instantly be hooked

New Bravo TV series could be the guilty pleasure you are looking for.

Imagine a female con artist who poses as different women. She meets young men, marries them, and then steals all their money. Now the jilted husbands are banding together to track down the mysterious woman who tricked them all. That's the premise of Bravo's much-anticipated new show "Imposters." Here's a trailer to lure you in and whet your appetite:

The show – which was originally titled "My So Called Wife" – marks a big step for Bravo, which rarely produces scripted dramas. Instead the network has opted to focus on reality series like "The Real Housewives" franchise. But they think they've got a new hit on their hands. At the recent Television Critics Association conference in Pasadena, Calif., they showed off the first 11 minutes of the first episode and got a rapturous response.

You can see the footage for yourself, and we think you'll agree: We're adding this show to our must-watch list.

The show stars up-and-coming Israeli actress Inbar Lavi. She studied ballet and modern dance while growing up in a Tel Aviv suburb, but fell in love with acting after watching fellow Israeli Natalie Portman's movies. She eventually moved to New York and attended the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, whose alumni range from Marilyn Monroe to Alec Baldwin.

As for "Imposters," executive producer Adam Brooks says his goal is to con the audience. "It’s a show full of twist and turns," he explained. “Plus the show is about how well can you know anybody. The characters are always revealing themselves in ways that are unexpected."

Added Lavi: "It's about finding out who your true self is, who you really are when you're alone, who you really are when you're with your partner" said the actress, who has also appeared in "Sons of Anarchy" and the new "Prison Break" revival.

Since the video debuted, social media has lit up with excitement about the show:

So set your DVRs. The show premieres Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 10 p.m.


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Watch the first 11 minutes of 'Imposters' and you'll instantly be hooked
Add the new Bravo TV series 'Imposter,' starring Inbar Lavi, to your February must-watch list.