Painted glass jars and bottles made into vases Painted glass jars and bottles made into vases Customized vases are a great way to reuse old jars and bottles. (Photos: deb422pics/Shutterstock, Alex Andrei/Shutterstock, and Amber Thornton)

How to make a beautiful recycled Mother's Day vase

Kids will love this hands-on craft — and Mom will, too.

It's no secret that moms love getting colorful, fragrant bouquets of flowers for Mother's Day. Instead of putting them in a plain glass vase this year, do something good for the environment and add a crafty spin with upcycled vases – it's fun for kids and adults alike.

We've teamed up with Natasha Miller Gutman, art therapist and art teacher at the Tel Aviv Art Studio in Israel, for a quick how-to on making imaginative, hand-decorated vases for Mother's Day. Grab the kids and get creative!

Tape on jar If you want to create a little box for a chalkboard message on your vase, just outline it with the tape. Voila! (Photo: Courtesy of Natasha Miller Gutman/Tel Aviv Art Studio)


To start, all you need is a glass jar or wine bottle – anything that you can fill with water and pop at least a few flowers into – and whatever craft supplies you have on hand. Gutman recommends stocking up on craft glue, tissue paper, lace, string, ribbon, chalkboard paint, white paint and masking tape.

Vase made from a jar covered with decorative tissue paper and chalkboard paintCan't get the label all the way off of your used jar? Decorative tissue paper is the perfect cover-up. (Photo: Courtesy of Natasha Miller Gutman/Tel Aviv Art Studio)

Decorating the vase

Wine bottle painted with chalkboard paint It's a gift that keeps on giving. (Photo: Jordan Johnson/Flickr)

Paint the jar or bottle however you want to – if you're using chalkboard paint, you can section off a square for the message (like in the photo above) or paint the whole thing (like in the photo to the right).

To add an antique texture to your jar, glue tissue paper first and then paint over it. Just make sure the glue is dry when you start painting.

For an added flair, wrap string, ribbon or lace around the vase.

Adding a personal touch

Conveniently, the chalkboard paint vase also acts as a Mother's Day card – you can write your message on it as soon as the chalkboard paint dries. The best part? It can be decorated over and over again, just like a real chalkboard.

Of course, Gutman adds, "Don't forget to add her favorite flowers!"


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