Tula sings 'Ripple' on coast of Tel Aviv Tula sings 'Ripple' on coast of Tel Aviv Israeli artist Tula sings from Tel Aviv, eventually joining up with Jimmy Buffett in Montauk, New York, for a long-distance duet. (Photo: Screenshot / YouTube)

Grateful Dead tribute video unites cultures across the world

The video, which aired after the band's final performance, features artists from around the world playing the 1970 classic 'Ripple' – and for a great cause.

A heartwarming video followed the last-ever Grateful Dead show on Saturday evening, which streamed live from the sold-out Soldier Field in Chicago. Bringing together artists from all around the world to sing and perform together the 1970 classic "Ripple," the video was dedicated to Jerry Garcia, the late lead guitarist for the influential band. As the final video in a series of 50 tribute cover videos in honor of the Grateful Dead's 50th anniversary, it was an emotional ending to the "Fare Thee Well" show.

Recorded in the U.S., Israel, Italy, Congo, Argentina and Ghana, each musician added their voice and instrument to the collective from various beautiful settings. From Washboard Chaz in New Orleans to Elyasaf Bashari in Tel Aviv, Israel – and even celebrity appearances from Jimmy Buffett in Montauk, New York, and David Crosby in Los Angeles, the video stars quite the lineup:

On drums, who else but the Grateful Dead's own Bill Kreutzmann? Even Jerry Garcia's own daughter, Keelin, added her voice as well as her support via the Jerry Garcia Foundation, which was a supporter of the video and its cause.

Proceeds from "Ripple" bolster the Playing For Change Foundation's mission to bring music programs to children across the globe to "leave the world better than we found it, one heart and one song at a time."

Indeed, after a powerful final series of live shows, the video tugged on the heartstrings of Dead Heads the world over as they bid the band adieu.

Whether you're a lifelong fan or are just discovering the jam band's eclectic sound, you can continue the Grateful Dead's legacy by joining in on the #RippleEffect campaign.


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