Irit Gadot has a daughter named Gal. Have you heard of her? Irit Gadot has a daughter named Gal. Have you heard of her? Irit Gadot has a daughter named Gal. Have you heard of her? (Photo: Instagram)

Gal Gadot’s mom is absolutely adorable on Instagram

From 'Wonder Woman' set visits to meeting Ben Affleck, it's hard to imagine someone more proud of their daughter.

Israeli actress Gal Gadot is everywhere these days. She just landed in New York City to kick off the press tour for the highly anticipated Wonder Woman movie, which opens next weekend. Yesterday, she appeared on "Good Morning America," a lunchtime event at AOL's headquarters, and on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon." All the while she's posting photos and videos from her travels to her 4.2 million fans on Instagram.

On many of her pictures, you'll see the same person posting heart emojis and well wishes in the comments section. Is it just another fan? Nope. Her name is Irit Gadot, and she's Gal's ridiculously proud mother.

As you can see from her recent posts, Irit mostly posts photos of her daughter Gal Gadot.As you can see from her feed, Irit mostly posts photos of her daughter Gal Gadot. (Photo: Instagram)

Sure, she also posts photos of herself and husband Michael, an engineer. But even on this one, Gal took to the comments section to add: "I love my parents," and added a heart emoji in for good measure.

Scroll a little more, and then Gal pops up again in the photos – like this selfie Gal took of her parents.

Or this one of Gal getting out of a car and her mom pretending to be the paparazzi.

And then, of course, there's the time Irit traveled to London to the "Wonder Woman" set to hang out with her daughter.

Other perks of being a superhero's mom include getting to meet "Batman" star Ben Affleck at swanky after-parties.

To be fair, Irit does have other interests as well. Like taking photos of Gal's daughter Alma and Gal's dog Lola.

She also likes hanging out with her son-in-law, Gal's husband Yaron.

Indeed, her very first photo ever posted to social media nearly a year ago was this photo of her and Yaron. Perhaps he was helping her set up her Instagram account.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Gal is Irit's only child. But you'd be wrong. Irit has another daughter named Dana who also pops up in her Instagram feed.

Even Gal herself doesn't want you to forget about Dana.

Irit, a school teacher, doesn't yet have as many followers as her superhero daughter (1,229 as of this writing). But she's a social media star in her own right, and we're betting she goes viral very soon.


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