Alon Livne Alon Livne Alon Livne dresses a model during his presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. (Photo: Fernanda Calfat / Getty Images)

The fashion designer behind 'that dress' in 'The Hunger Games'

'Project Runway Israel' winner has also designed dresses for Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

In 2009, the successful reality show “Project Runway” arrived in Israel, hosted by Israeli supermodel Shiraz Tal. Designer Alon Livne quickly became one of the standouts. As the winner of "Project Runway Israel," his prize was his own boutique on tony Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv.

Hunger Games Alon Livne(Photo: Lionsgate)

His outfits and designs have proven to be internationally popular, and soon Livne will open a new studio in the hip New York neighborhood of Chelsea. And Hollywood is taking notice. One of his designs can be seen on “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1”; a stunning and revealing white dress worn by the actress Jena Malone, playing the rebellious Johanna Mason (left).

How did the producers of the popular film series find him? “I presented my yearly collection at New York Fashion Week; the producers were impressed with my designs and really wanted me to take part in the costume design of the movie," he told From The Grapevine.

Before he competed in “Project Runway,” Livne studied at Alexander McQueen in London and at the luxury Italian fashion house of Roberto Cavalli in Florence. “For me it was an honor to cooperate with the 'Hunger Games' crew, because McQueen influences me very much, and he also designs for the movies. it was like closing an emotional circle. I designed for them, because I was influenced by science fiction movies such as ‘The Fifth Element,’ the designs of Jean Paul Gaultier in ‘Star Wars’ and the '80s magazine Onami. I designed the costume for Mason as a 3D outfit even though it was built as 2D."

The Kardashians, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell are some of the other famous names who have worn Livne's designs. The red dress Beyoncé wore on her world tour, “Mrs. Carter,” is one of his designs. Lady Gaga also wears designs from Livine, who is a personal friend. “When Lady Gaga was touring in the past September and performed her duet with Tony Bennett in Park Ha Yarkon, ‘Cheek To Cheek‘, I was very excited to see it," referring to her sold-out show in Tel Aviv.

Fashion journalist Yaara Keydar gives another perspective on Livne's designs. “Alon is restoring two paths of the history of the fashion world, from the '40s and the '80s," Keydar told From The Grapevine. "He also upgrades himself in a very modern way, which women can relate to. His designs feel comfortable because of their geometric and graphic designs. Women feel both feminine and confident in his clothes."

But the reason the Gagas and Beyoncés of the world are attracted to his designs? The same reason the folks from "The Hunger Games" were: they're dramatic, as Keydar pointed out. "There is also a very dramatic and theatrical style to his designs and I believe that is why superstars feel comfortable in his designs; they are unforgettable, and each are fashion statements by themselves.”


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The fashion designer behind 'that dress' in 'The Hunger Games'
The fashion designer behind 'that dress' in 'The Hunger Games'