herzliyah summer freedom herzliyah summer freedom Many people turned out to party beachside for the 2015 Summer Freedom concert. (Photo: Jesse Peters)

Experience a Mediterranean beach party from the sky

The recent Summer Freedom beachside concert attracted thousands of partygoers – and one aerial drone.

In the immortal words of the rapper Coolio, there ain't no party like a West Coast party, 'cause a West Coast party don't stop. While the rapper was referencing the nightlife of Los Angeles, his lyrics could also just as easily be applied to the coastal town of Herzliya in western Israel.

The city, located along the shores of the Mediterranean, boasts some of Israel's best nightclubs, restaurants and other events that are a major draw for partiers of all ages. This time of year, however – like other coastal hotspots from Miami to Rio de Janeiro – it's Herzliya's miles of beaches that play host to the most revelers.

herzliyah beachHerzliya beach features miles of sand, surf, and attractions for partygoers of all ages. (Photo: Jesse Peters)

This attraction was on full display only a few weeks ago when the city organized the "Summer Freedom" party for high school students on the verge of summer vacation. The massive musical event, one of many offered throughout the warmer months, featured everything from hip-hop to reggae to electric sitar, with bands from all over the region invited to perform.

While you've likely seen or even participated in countless beach parties from the ground, it's an entirely different experience to take them in from the sky. Thanks to aerial drone pilot Jesse Peters, this vantage point is now a reality – giving us a unique view of the sand, surf and audience as they undulate to the groove of the live music. It's enough to make anyone landlocked envious.


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