The Gran Plan The Gran Plan The three stars of Israel's 'The Gran Plan' (Photo: Armoza Formats)

Ellen DeGeneres wants to turn three grandmothers into reality TV stars

Comedienne acquires production rights to the Israeli reality series 'The Gran Plan.'

Will a trio of wise and sassy grandmothers become the new stars of U.S. television? That's the hope of Ellen DeGeneres, whose production company recently acquired the rights to "The Gran Plan." The reality series, which originally premiered in Israel, features three grandmothers offering valuable (and amusing) life lessons to younger participants on everything from love triangles to unhealthy addictions.  

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, told C21Media that the show “seems to have filled a very big need in the market with its ability to better people’s lives through a combination of humor and emotion, offering real comfort and a touch of nostalgia in these challenging times around the world.”

Based on an Israeli promo for the show, it's clear that "The Gran Plan" will offer a unique spin on the life coaching scene. It also fits nicely with DeGeneres' branded mix of humor and generosity - an attractive combo that will likely capture the attention of television audiences.

The Gran Plan A scene from Israel's 'The Gran Plan' (Photo: Armoza Formats)

"For much of her career, from including her mom on her show to writing comedy appreciable by members of any age bracket, Ellen has been demonstrating that the generation gap is easily bridged by love and acceptance," Jaime Warburton, a life-long Ellen DeGeneres fan, told From the Grapevine. "Ellen's the perfect person to help convince younger people that they don't need to be embarrassed about their personal lives - older folks have had personal lives, too!"  

DeGeneres' production company is expected to begin work on a pilot for the U.S. shortly. In total, the series has been acquired by 27 countries, including China, Russia, Brazil, and Australia.

Check out a promo trailer for the Israeli version below. 


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