Coca-Cola Israel drone Coca-Cola Israel drone Twist the cap and look up: Coca-Cola's 'Wish in a Bottle' campaign used drones to create shooting stars. (Photo: Coca-Cola Israel)

Thousands of surprised teens witness 'shooting stars'

Coca-Cola's clever 'Wish' campaign combined the power of aerial drones with some very special bottles.

Who hasn't looked into the night sky eager for a chance to catch a shooting star? While the odds are generally not in our favor, for some teenagers, celestial magic was as easy as opening a bottle of soda.

Coca-Cola's Israel division, in celebration of their new "Wish in a Bottle" campaign, decided to create something special for their Summer Love festival. The annual event, which draws thousands of teenagers from all around Israel, takes place on a beach and includes a variety of attractions, games and musical performances. When the sun set on this year's bash, the soft-drink giant handed out some special bottles of Coke and told the crowd to look skyward.

Coca-Cola Israel droneFor one night, Coca-Cola made wishing upon a shooting star as easy as opening a bottle of soda. (Photo: Coca-Cola Israel)

What happened next was a beautiful synergy of creativity, 3D printing, and drone engineering. Each special bottle featured a custom 3D printed cap containing a wireless transmitter. When a teen twisted the cap to open the bottle, a signal was sent to one of several of drones hovering 1,000 feet above the party. The drone then launched a firework that simulated a breathtaking shooting star.

"As always, in every event we hold, the emphasis was all about innovation," said Coca-Cola Israel Vice President of Marketing Alon Zamir.

As you can see in the recently released video below, this innovative approach made for not only good marketing, but also a lot of smiles and wide eyes from thousands of teenagers.


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