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10 of the dopest bookends to keep shelves organized

Are you suffering from bookend deficiency syndrome? It might be time to put a little flair in your library.

Are your books consciously uncoupling from their shelves? You may just need what every library, home or public, needs: a selection of sturdy, practical bookends. Did we say practical? We really meant fabulous, and totally you.

Seriously, there are bookends out there that are more compatible to you than your Tinder matches. From superhero bookends for the geek in you, to your favorite historical figure or motif, here’s a handful of the coolest bookends we could find.

Vintage copper bookends

copper bookendsThese copper bookends are a rare find for vintage-loving bookworms. (Photo: HerVintageCrush)

This circa-1960s copper bookend set is the perfect addition to any vintage modernist collector's arsenal. It's in "found" condition, which means you can either polish it till it shines or leave it nice and rusty.

Wonder Woman bookend

Wonder Woman bookendThis Wonder Woman floating bookshelf makes an excellent gift for superhero fans. (Photo: Katan Design)

It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's ... Wonder Woman saving the world from illiteracy! This floating bookshelf from Israel-based Katan Designs manages to carry the weight of some pretty intense literature while barely batting an Amazonian eyelash. No word on whether this Israeli design company was inspired by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, who portrays the legendary superheroine in the upcoming movie.

Pop art bookends

pop art bookendsPop art bookends channel your favorite fantasies. (Photo: Etsy)

For the geek in your life who already owns every comic book and its corresponding film and TV adaptation, this is the gift you've been looking for. These are upcycled bricks fashioned into bookends and handpainted by a German designer. Yes, those eyes are looking at you.

Scholarly turtle bookends

scholarly turtle bookendsThese bookends are wise beyond their years. (Photo: SPI Home/Wayfair)

Why are turtles so often depicted in pop culture as easygoing, patient and wise creatures? Is it because they move so slowly, savoring every moment, eschewing a life of chaos? Or is it their chiseled faces and Yoda-like wrinkles?

There are so many reasons to love turtles, and putting a book in their hands and glasses on their faces only serves to elevate their lovability. These whimsical scholarly turtle bookends from online home decor site Wayfair take that cultural depiction to adorable new heights.

Einstein bookends

Einstein bookends for sale on Etsy.Einstein bookends, for the scientifically minded reader in your life. (Photo: DesignAtelierArticle)

The physics major, the recent high school graduate, the science fair trophy winner. Wouldn't all the geniuses in your life be flattered by a gift like this? This pair of Albert Einstein bookends, made in Ukraine, are intended to symbolize one of the illustrious physicist's biggest contributions: his mass-energy equivalence formula. He's staring it down, as if to say, "you're welcome."

'The Walking Dead' bookends

"Walking Dead" bookends"Walking Dead" bookends, for the undead in all of us. (Photo: MokuShop)

“If I had known the world was ending, I would’ve brought better books.” — Dale, from "The Walking Dead"

Combining your two favorite hobbies – Etsy shopping and binge-watching – these "Walking Dead"-themed bookends on the crafts site are handmade-to-order wooden hands crawling out from whence they came, aka your bookshelf.

Bicycle bookends

bicycle bookendsThese bicycle bookends are tailor-made for the cycling bookworm. (Photo: Threshold)

You can't read a book while bicycling, at least not without some serious hazards. But you can make sure that cyclist in your life has the perfect accessory for his library: a pair of bicycle bookends. These fun, vintage-inspired bookends feature a metal wire bicycle design, looking very non-bulky and with a hint of elegance. But don't worry; they're still heavy enough to hold up your books.

Brain bookends

brain bookendsBrain bookends. Because it's the thought that counts. (Photo: Uncommon Goods)

Are you left-brained or right-brained? You don't have to choose with these brain-shaped bookends, made in France and sold on Uncommon Goods. They're perfect for someone in the medical or neurology field as a fun, thoughtful (get it?) gift. And when you put books between them, your brain literally expands. Genius!

Wine bottle bookends

wine bottle bookendsThis one really grabbed us. (Photo: marybdecorativeart)

This one's a twofer: Hold up your books and your wine in one handy set. These bottle holder bookends are made of metal, with crab-like claws that are the perfect size for a bottle of wine. This is also a really clever way to deal with small spaces; you can combine your liquor and book collections in a way that doesn't look like you drank all the wine before building it.

Portal bookends

These bookends are meant to look like they're jumping through portals and into your books.These bookends are meant to look like they're jumping through portals and into your books. (Photo: ThinkGeek)

Do you ever feel like you're being transported to an alternate universe when you read a book? No? Well, these slick bookends from ThinkGeek do, and their time-and-space-traveling powers make for a great conversation starter in any space.


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10 of the dopest bookends to keep shelves organized
Are you suffering from bookend deficiency syndrome? It might be time to put a little flair in your library.