Britney Spears filming a Super Bowl commercial on a beach. Britney Spears filming a Super Bowl commercial on a beach. Britney Spears filming a Super Bowl commercial on a beach. (Photo: Pepsi / Getty Images)

We need to talk about how a city is freaking out over Britney Spears

An election has been postponed, and now a beach has been renamed for the pop star before Monday's concert.

Hollywood honors its celebrities with a star on the Walk of Fame. New York memorializes its beloved residents by renaming a street after them. But Tel Aviv has just taken the cake: It has renamed a beach for Britney Spears.

The Mediterranean metropolis is well-known for its miles of majestic beachfront. Matan Kaufman, a former Google employee who now works at the Israel-based messaging app Viber, suggested the beach renaming idea in a Facebook post. But the 30-year-old Tel Aviv resident didn't think the city would take him seriously. Even the local press seem surprised at the move.

Spears will be performing Monday night at Yarkon Park, an amphitheater that has also played host to everyone from Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga to Madonna and the Rolling Stones.

The beach renaming is just the latest in the red carpet rollout for the pop queen. The concert date originally coincided with a local election, but city officials feared that people would have trouble reaching polling stations that day with the influx of people going to see Spears. So Tel Aviv postponed the election until Tuesday, with polls opening at 11 a.m. – late enough for people to sleep in after a night of dancing to "Baby One More Time" and "Oops, I Did It Again."

Last week, the Israeli airline El Al released a parody video of its flight attendants singing and dancing to a classic Britney tune. The video has already been viewed more than a quarter of a million times.

Even Britney herself is expressing her excitement about her upcoming visit. She took time out from prepping for the concert to post this video to social media for her Israeli fans:

The Britney Beach may confuse some locals. The original name of the area is Geula Beach, but it's also sometimes confoundingly referred to as Jerusalem Beach, even though Jerusalem is more than an hour away. But we digress...

If you want to check out some scenes from Britney/Geula/Jerusalem beach, watch the video below:


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