Touch gameshow Touch gameshow 'Touch,' an interactive gameshow from Israel, is going international thanks to a new partnership between Buzzfeed and Keshet Studio. (Photo: Keshet)

A new TV game show lets you play from home – and win

Buzzfeed and Keshet Studios team up to bring 'Touch,' where you have to find what's wrong with a picture before someone else does.

Anyone who has ever watched a television game show at home can relate to the experience of knowing the answer to a specific question before a contestant does. You stare at the screen, willing them to read your mind, and then groan when they get it wrong. Invariably, you might even think, "I could do a better job if given the chance!"

Thanks to Buzzfeed and Keshet, the Israeli production company that's responsible for such U.S. television hits as "Homeland," "Your Family or Mine" and "Deal With It," your shot at playing along with a live game show in the comfort of your living room will soon become a reality. The two companies are partnering to bring a next-generation version of the hit Israeli game show "Touch" to audiences around the globe.

The appeal of "Touch," created by Tel Aviv-born writer Ido Rosenblum, lies in its simplicity. It presents players of all ages with the familiar challenge of asking "what's wrong with this picture?" Categories include scenes from well-known movies and TV shows, historic moments, sports and recent events. While contestants race against the clock with opposing touchscreens, viewers can do the same, in real time, on their smartphones and mobile devices.

To see more of what "Touch" may become, check out a promotional trailer for the Israeli series below.

While the exact format of the new international "Touch" has yet to be revealed, it likely won't stray far from the hit Israeli series. In that version, both the contestants and viewers playing along at home have the opportunity to win big prizes in three different challenges. Each round includes a photo or scene with one or more digitally added artifacts that do not belong. To win, players have to be the first to touch the screen and highlight the mistake.

The final round, which includes a grand prize, comes with a giant twist: players have to find the prize hidden in a giant array of dizzying touchscreens. For those who miss the live show, daily prizes can also be won by simply playing the smartphone app on the go.

Need a primer? Check out an image below that recently debuted on "Touch." Can you spot what's wrong in the photo in less than 10 seconds?

Friends touchThis still from 'Friends' is sporting a high-tech addition that shouldn't be there. (Photo: Touch)

Notice anything unusually high-tech in the background? Touchscreen smartphones would not find their way into consumer hands until June 2007, more than three years after "Friends" ended its 10-year run on May 6, 2004.

This clever gameplay, approachable for viewers of all ages, is what will likely turn "Touch" into an instant cross-platform hit when it arrives in the near future.


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