Beyonce makes an impression in her new video which was filmed in India. Beyonce makes an impression in her new video which was filmed in India. Beyoncé makes an impression in her new video, which was filmed in India. (Photo: YouTube)

Meet the magical moviemakers behind Beyoncé and Coldplay's new music video

Duo's 'Hymn For the Weekend' has already racked up 40 million views.

More than 110 million Americans tuned in to watch the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night featuring Coldplay and Beyoncé in a tour de force performance. But that wasn't their first collaboration. Just days earlier, they released a new song together called "Hymn for the Weekend," which has already been viewed nearly 40 million times on YouTube.

The song's music video was filmed throughout India in October 2015 with director Ben Mor, a filmmaker from Israel, at the helm. After the shoot, Mor took the footage back to Israel and spent three months piecing it together with a 10-person team at the Yaron Yashinski Studio in Tel Aviv. Parts of Yashinski's visual designs were also used as the backdrop during Beyoncé and Coldplay's Super Bowl halftime performance.

"Some shots took us three or more weeks just to process," Yaron Yashinksi, the company's chief designer and CEO, told Billboard Magazine. "There’s this scene with three boys wearing monkey masks, it’s 3:30 minutes into the video. So, behind them there are trees, but we replaced the tree roots and branches with CG roots and they are rotating during the shot. It’s really subtle, but try to catch it – they’re all twirling. It was all Ben’s idea. He wanted to make the surreal real, and the real surreal." Yashinski has also worked on the movie "Hunting Elephants" starring Patrick Stewart and on visual effects for promos for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

As for Mor, working on the video with Coldplay and lead vocalist Chris Martin was a dream come true. "Collaborating with Chris and the guys was a true pleasure," Yashinski said. "Once they felt like I had a vision for the video they empowered me in every way and completely trusted me to do what I do. The entire Coldplay team are honestly some of the nicest, most well-adjusted people I have ever met."

Below are two photos Mor took of Martin and Coldplay while in India:

For Mor, Coldplay is only the latest in a long line of rock stars. He has also directed music videos for the likes of Britney Spears, the Black Eyed Peas and Katy Perry. He has shot commercials for Pepsi, Verizon, ESPN, Microsoft and Miller beer. Mor likes to make visual statements with his bold brushstrokes, opting for an original and iconic style. People have said that his commercials for video games often look better than Hollywood blockbusters.

"Hymn for the Weekend" is the second single from Coldplay's new album. Billboard has called the song "the album's grooviest."


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