Bachelor finale Bachelor finale Chris Soules proposes to Whitney Bischoff on the season 19 finale of "The Bachelor." (Photo: Nicole Kohl / ABC)

The many faces of 'The Bachelor'

Wannabe TV wives around the world are vying for that elusive rose (and ring).

Believe it or not, ABC's romantic competition show "The Bachelor" has been around since 2002. Through 19 seasons (and 11 additional seasons of "The Bachelorette"), audiences have seen scores of women vie for the heart and mind of that season's contestant, via scores of romantic dates, exotic trips and emotionally exhausting "rose ceremonies."

The 19th season ended on Monday, with Chris Soules – a farmer who was one of the suitors on the previous season of "The Bachelorette" – asking Whitney Bischoff to marry him ... to which she said yes. As they make the talk show rounds to celebrate their engagement, let's take a look at some of the other versions of "The Bachelor" that have been airing around the world:

'The Bachelor' (Brazil)

Bachelor BrazilA wacky scene from the Brazilian edition of "The Bachelor." (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube)

The full title of the Brazilian version, whose first season started last fall, is "The Bachelor: Em Busca do Grande Amor" ("The Search for Great Love"). And, no, the image above, with the contestant in a wedding dress holding a bouquet, isn't from the finale, it's from the first episode, when the bachelor meets all of his suitors. Crazy, right?

'HaRavak' (The Bachelor Israel)

Bachelor Israel 2Some post-spa romance on the Israeli version of "The Bachelor." (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube)

The Israeli version of the series ran for two seasons, in 2009 and 2013. The second season tried to be more lighthearted than the first, but, alas, sometimes a sense of humor doesn't always spell love; the bachelor and his betrothed broke up soon after the show ended.

'Der Bachelor' (Germany)

Der BachelorRomance in Las Vegas on Germany's "Der Bachelor." (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube)

This version of the dating competition started in Germany in 2012 and just completed its fourth season. When it goes to an "exotic" locale for one of its final episodes, it doesn't go to a tropical island or African safari ... it goes to the Paris hotel in Las Vegas.

'Burlacul' (The Bachelor Romania)

BurlacurlA rose ceremony from "Burlacul" (The Bachelor Romania) (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube)

Currently in the middle of its fifth season, the Romanian version of the show has been running since 2010. In its third season, the bachelor himself was eliminated when all the contestants refused a rose from him. He was replaced by a backup bachelor who went the rest of the way.

'The Bachelor UK'

Bachelor UK'The Bachelor UK' (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube)

The British version has a bit of a checkered history, having run on BBC Three from 2003 to 2005, then receiving a curtain call years later on Channel 5 in 2011 and 2012.

'Burning Love'

Ok, this isn't a real version of The Bachelor. But producers Ben Stiller and Ken Marino have the format of the show down cold, making for a perfect parody. If Stiller is producing a dead-on parody, the folks at "The Bachelor" have to be doing something right.


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The many faces of 'The Bachelor'
Wannabe TV wives around the world are vying for that elusive rose (and ring).