"The Graduate" directed by Mike Nichols with illustration by Tomer Hanuka. "The Graduate" directed by Mike Nichols with illustration by Tomer Hanuka. "The Graduate" directed by Mike Nichols with illustration by Tomer Hanuka. (Photo: Tomer Hanuka)

Classic movie posters get a makeover

Graphic artist Tomer Hanuka turns familiar film posters into stunning graphic art.

Tomer Hanuka is an illustrator whose resume speaks for itself: cover illustrations for The New Yorker and National Geographic, a list of clients diverse enough that both Scholastic and Playboy have employed his services, and bestselling books. But it's a smaller scale project that is gaining him a new set of fans.

Hanuka was commissioned by Mondo, an Austin, Texas-based website that creates limited-edition screen-printed posters of classic and contemporary films, to reimagine publicity posters of such classics as "Rambo," "Badlands" and "The Graduate."

"Rambo""Rambo" poster reimagined by Tomer Hanuka. (Photo: Tomer Hanuka)

The posters feature iconic images from the films, illustrated in Hanuka's signature style — sharp lines, saturated colors and a hint of the demented infused throughout.

He's expanded on the project in his personal time to include posters for the films of Stanley Kubrick. So far he's completed "The Shining," "2001: A Space Odyssey," "Dr. Strangelove" and "A Clockwork Orange," according to his website.

"A Clockwork Orange" by Tomer Hanuka."A Clockwork Orange" directed by Stanley Kubrick with illustration by Tomer Hanuka. (Photo: Tomer Hanuka)

Hanuka, who is Israeli, lived in New York for many years, an experience that undoubtedly nurtured his fascination with American films.

His devotion to the projects makes sense then, especially considering this admission in a recent interview: "My biggest problem is that I’m a superfan. I want to create an altar that celebrates the work I’m illustrating."

"Badlands""Badlands" directed by Terrence Malick with illustration by Tomer Hanuka. (Photo: Tomer Hanuka)

Though Tomer's individual accomplishments are impressive, he has also developed quite a following for his collaborations with twin brother Asaf, himself a much-lauded illustrator.

The two recently worked together on the bestselling graphic novel "The Divine," and while each is currently focused on personal projects, they now share a studio in their hometown of Tel Aviv, Israel, meaning their proximity to one another increases the likelihood of future collaborations.

For now, however, fans will have to settle for whatever the two conjure up on their own. Which, as you can see from Tomer's output, is quite incredible.

"The Shining" by Tomer Hanuka. "The Shining" by Tomer Hanuka. (Photo: Tomer Hanuka)


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