Afterthought Cannes Afterthought Cannes 'Afterthought' from director Elad Keidan tells the story of two men –– one going up Carmel Mountain and another coming down and how their fates intertwine. (Photo: Afterthought)

'Afterthought' debuts to rave reviews at Cannes

Director Elad Keidan's first feature film praised for its humanity and delicate balance of tragedy and comedy.

"Afterthought," one of a handful of movies described as "must-see" at this year's Cannes Film Festival in France, has captivated critics and is now headed for worldwide distribution.

The first feature film from Israeli director Elad Keidan, "Afterthought" focuses on two men dealing with separate life issues as they move up and down the massive stone staircases linking various neighborhoods in the Mediterranean city of Haifa in Israel. Keidan, who found earlier success at Cannes in 2008 with the short film "Anthem," says that the inspiration for the film came from a love of his hometown and his own habit of daily walks.

"Walking is a big part of my life, giving me a sense of freedom," he wrote. "Born in Haifa, I‘ve often walked up and down Mount Carmel and I‘ve always wanted to tell a story that would encompass the whole city, top to bottom."

afterthought film cannesUri (left) and Moshe are the two main characters in 'Afterthought' who, via different paths, eventually meet and change each other's lives. (Photo: Afterthought)

Writing for the Harvard Crimson, film critic Alan Xie calls "Afterthought" a "startling debut" for director Keidan and "wonderfully experimental." Andrew Pulver wrote in Britain's Guardian newspaper that while the film takes its time, it proves a "worthwhile journey by the end." Perhaps the biggest praise came from Christian Herschmann of the entertainment news site The Upcoming, who in his four-star review praised the director for his "enlightening observations" on humanity.

"[With 'Afterthought'], he shows us his sensitivity for the fragmented human condition and his mastery of both the tragic and comedic, keeping a vital eye open for the many roadside curiosities of a stroll through town," writes Herschmann.

Beyond the flashbulbs of Cannes, film distributor Match Factory has already signed on to release "Afterthought" globally. Cinephiles interested in taking in this existential comedy can look forward to a release sometime this year.


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