Meytal Cohen, professional drummer Meytal Cohen, professional drummer Meytal Cohen's cover video of System of a Down's "Toxicity" attracted millions of YouTube hits. (Photo:

Heavy Meytal: This young female drummer is living up to her name

Meytal Cohen built a large following from her high-energy videos, and now she's ready for the world to hear her album.

Heavy metal drummer Meytal Cohen is living up to her name. 

The 30-year-old is recording her first original album of heavy metal drumming, with the album coming after her YouTube videos went viral, amassing more than 100 million total views, and her Facebook page is coming up on 1 million likes. 

Her most popular video is a cover of System of a Down’s “Toxicity,” which went viral a few years ago. She’s also known for covers of her other favorite bands, including Tool, Metallica, Pantera, Dream Theater, Rush and Slipknot.

She began playing drums for the first time when she was 18. At 21, she moved from Israel to the American capital of heavy metal - Los Angeles - despite discouraging advice from her friends and family who didn't think she could ever become a professional drummer.

“I was told I'm making a huge mistake, and that like all musicians I should expect a sucky life. I'm here to prove that when you follow your heart, things do work out,” Cohen wrote on her Kickstarter page, which ended in August 2013. The campaign raised an impressive $144,341, more than double her $60,000 goal, and more than enough to fund her first original album.

Until now, she has been shooting drum covers and posting them to her YouTube channel, but she wants much more than that. For her dreams of drumming stardom, this first album is all or nothing. “It needs to be so good that it generates enough momentum to kickstart my career as an artist that has not just this one album, but many albums to come,” she said.  

Her first original song is called “Breathe,” which was produced several months before the Kickstarter campaign, as a way to test the waters. After releasing “Breathe," she said, “I feel like I've assembled an amazing band and I will be truly blessed to be able to create a full album with these talented friends.”

Since recording the song she has released three more singles, including "Shadow In Disguise" in June.


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