A trumpeter as interpreted by Geffen Refaeli. A trumpeter as interpreted by Geffen Refaeli. A trumpet player as interpreted by Geffen Refaeli. (Photo: Geffen Refaeli)

A whimsical Instagram account you should be following

This Illustrator elevates doodles to an art form.

Geffen Refaeli’s Instagram page, dailydoodlegram, has been around for little more than two years, but it has already amassed 60,000-plus devoted followers because of its creative and whimsical doodles.

Refaeli, an illustrator by trade, started with the intention of drawing objects on Instagram that she found of interest, but the project soon evolved. "It became more of a collage work, using drawing," she explained. "It's not really collage, but it is assembled by different elements that I find in photos on Instagram – fragments of photos, or figures, gestures, plants, objects. it ends up creating something that's more ambient and not really supposed to be coherent.”

A doodle by Geffen RefaeliA doodle by Geffen Refaeli (Photo: Geffen Refaeli)

A recent doodle (shown below) is a good example of the latter. Refaeli saw a photo of a girl that caught her attention. "I liked her face. She had something mysterious about her," Refaeli said. "And I felt a bit frustrated the morning I did that, like I can't talk anymore – I was tired of talking – and felt like I wanted something else to come out of her mouth, and it just came together with this photo of an amazing succulent I saw earlier."

A recent doodle by Geffen RefaeliA recent doodle by Geffen Refaeli (Photo: Geffen Refaeli) 

The response to her drawings has been heartwarming for Refaeli. "A woman from the United States emailed me," she said. "It was the mother of the young man I had illustrated a few weeks before, and he was sick and had passed away. She was very surprised and moved to see his figure in an illustration, and we talked. I ended up sending her the original illustration."

A doodle by Geffen RefaeliA firecracker doodle by Geffen Refaeli (Photo: Geffen Refaeli) 

For fans of her work, she sells prints, shirts and even temporary tattoos in an online shop attached to her personal website. "It's not a living, it's more for fun," she said. And currently she's working on "a bigger and more beautiful online shop" that will continue to sell prints and tees and offer "other surprises."

To see more on Refaeli, check out the below video about her process and inspirations:


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