"Chic Cafe" by Isaac Maimon "Chic Cafe" by Isaac Maimon "Chic Cafe" exemplifies Maimon's Parisian inspiration and overall attention to movement. (All images courtesy of Blue Gallery)

9 whimsical, wonderful paintings by Isaac Maimon

Browse through a selection of bold, colorful paintings by this Israeli artist.

Looking at the brightly colored, bold streaks of Isaac Maimon's paintings, his muse is clear: the elegant Parisian cafe-goer. Maimon's paintings evoke French cafe culture so superbly, it may come as a surprise to learn he was born in Israel, not France.

Isaac MaimonMaimon (pictured right) studied at Tel Aviv's Avni Institute of Art & Design; as he developed his style, he became inspired by French painters like Henri Matisse as well as Israeli artists like Moshe Rosenthalis. His work as a restaurant owner enabled him to study patrons' postures and movements – a mastery that's evident in many of his paintings.

Here are nine of our favorite Maimon paintings, representing his range and iconic style.

'Inner Thoughts'

"Inner Thoughts" by Isaac Maimon"Inner Thoughts" is featured in Maimon's Renaissance series, in which the white dove plays a major role.

'Ladies Delight'

"Ladies Delight" by Isaac MaimonAnother colorful painting from the Renaissance series: "Ladies Delight." The Blue Gallery quotes Maimon: "I am inspired by beautiful women and the human form in general."

'Magical Strings'

"Magical Strings" by Isaac Maimon"Magical Strings," another from the Renaissance series. Maimon manipulates the canvas to blend forms into one another.

'The Essence of Pink'

"The Essence of Pink" by Isaac MaimonNot all of Maimon's paintings immerse viewers in bustling cafes: His "Dream" series stands out as an insightful exploration of the artist's own mind. Here, "The Essence of Pink," is startling – but undeniably fascinating.

'Follow the Leader'

"Follow the Leader" by Isaac Maimon"Follow the Leader," another in the "Dream" series, has more of a folk art feel. "The personalities of these new characters speak to us through a rhythmic parade of quirk abstract shapes and movements," Blue Gallery's website reads.

'Out of the Past'

"Out of the Past" by Isaac MaimonAnd back to the more familiar female form featured in Maimon's paintings: The beautiful woman depicted in "Out of the Past" evokes a sense of curiosity in the viewer.

'Martini Ladies'

"Martini Ladies" by Isaac Maimon"Martini Ladies" pairs sharp angles with smooth fashions, and the body language is spot-on.

'Cafe Romance'

"Cafe Romance" by Isaac MaimonMaimon's watercolors, like "Cafe Romance" shown here, retain the setting but soften the mood considerably.

'Chic Cafe'

"Chic Cafe" by Isaac Maimon"Chic Cafe" is a beautiful illustration of exactly that – fashionably poised women nonchalantly dine al fresco in a typical Parisian scene.


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9 whimsical, wonderful paintings by Isaac Maimon
Isaac Maimon draws inspiration from Parisian cafe culture. Browse through a selection of bold, colorful paintings by this hot Israeli artist.