Fountain Collage Fountain Collage Tel Aviv's Fire and Water Fountain (top), Charybdis in the UK (bottom left) and Crown Fountain in Chicago (bottom right) .

9 fascinating fountains around the world

Fabulous feats of modern art, these fountains do more than just spout water.

From mesmerizing light displays to intriguing sculptures, modern fountains are more than just beautiful works of art like their conventional predecessors - they're entertaining as well. At first glance, many of them don't even seem like fountains because they ingeniously integrate the latest technology in surprising and innovative ways. Check out some of the most impressive modern fountains from across the globe:  

MetalmorphosisPhoto: Alex G./Flickr


This stainless steel sculpture in Charlotte, North Carolina, has its own webcam. Its many sections rotate a full 360 degrees until they form the complete face once again. This unique sculpture was the brainchild of Czech sculptor David Cerný.

Fire and Water Fountain(Photo: fabcom/Flickr)

Fire and Water Fountain

Visitors to Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Square gather around this kinetic sculpture, designed by Israeli artist Yaacov Agam. As the observer walks around the fountain, its design morphs into different images. As its name implies, the fountain doesn't just jet out water, it also blazes fire - all to a classical music soundtrack. 

Crown Fountain in ChicagoPhoto: Mike Klubok/Flickr 

Crown Fountain 

More than just a fountain, the two towers of Crown Fountain in Chicago were designed by Jaume Plensa to display digital images, from a face spitting out water to videos of locals. Visitors can splash in the water or make silhouettes against the bright LED display.

Banpo Bridge's Moonlight Rainbow FountainPhoto: Bankoo/Shutterstock

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

The world's longest bridge fountain, Banpo Bridge's Moonlight Rainbow Fountain recycles water from the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. This incredible bridge is outfitted with thousands of LED lights that shine rainbow colors for spectacular shows that wow the public. 

Magic Fountain at the Fountain CircuitPhoto: Boris G/Flickr 

The Fountain Circuit 

The Fountain Circuit in Lima, Peru, invites visitors to take a walking tour through 13 fountains, including the gorgeous Magic Fountain pictured here. At night, the fountains light up in a fantastic music show. 

Stravinsky FountainPhoto: pisaphotography/Shutterstock

Stravinsky Fountain 

Paris' Stravinsky Fountain is filled with odd, whimsical sculptures inspired by Igor Stravinsky's compositions. Its 16 sculptures are clearly in two different styles: the mechanical masterpieces were created by Jean Tinguely and the colorful creations were designed by Niki de Saint Phalle.

Fountain of WealthPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

Fountain of Wealth 

Central to Singapore's Suntec City mall, one of the world's largest fountains attracts visitors not just to spectate but to hop right in to pick up coins for good luck (when the fountain is turned off, of course). At nightfall the fountain becomes a laser show. 

Water Vortex FountainPhoto: Chris Bewick/Flickr

Charybdis Fountain 

This fountain at Seaham Hall Hotel in Sunderland, UK, was designed by William Pye to be a real water vortex, which visitors can view from the side or above. The air core vortex is maintained by pumping high pressure water against competing currents as water flows out of the fountain in what's called a roll-wave. The fountain was named for Charybdis, a siren of the Sicilian Sea in Homer's myth about Hercules. 

Magic Tap FountainPhoto: Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada/Flickr

Magic Tap Fountain

An amusing optical illusion, this Magic Tap appears to float in midair with an unknown but endless water supply. Several similar fountains can be found the world; this one is located in a water park in the Cádiz province of Spain.


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9 fascinating fountains around the world
Fabulous feats of modern art, these fountains do more than just spout water.