Edna Piorko sculpture Edna Piorko sculpture Edna Piorko sculpts miniature houses; these houses are on a cliff with a face. (Photo: Courtesy of Edna Piorko)

5 sculptors to discover on Etsy

These artists are turning their hobbies into businesses via the online craft site.

If you love the tactile grace and sensual beauty of sculptures but assume only serious art collectors have a shot at owning an original, think again. 

Online arts-and-crafts marketplace Etsy has leveled the playing field for artists of all stripes and geographic locations. Those gifted at shaping clay, bronze and even paper into three-dimensional creations can now set up shop on Etsy to offer their (often very affordable) creative wares to a global audience. And sculpture lovers can pick from among the world’s wealth of unique – and budget-friendly – works of art. Check out these five talented sculptors from around the globe who showcase their one-of-a-kind handmade designs on Etsy.

Joshua Harker

Joshua Harker sculptureJoshua Harker's sculpture “Mazzo di Fiori” (Photo: Courtesy of Joshua Harker)

A self-described “sculptor, inventor, imagination architect, digital adventurer and troublemaker,” Chicago-based artist Joshua Harker harnesses the power of 3D printing to breathe life into his elaborate designs. Works from his page, Joshua Harker Sculpture & Design, are made to order and include intricate filigree floral arrangements, skulls (including a skull iPhone case) and other forms. Sculptures are 3D-printed on polyamide (nylon and glass powder fused together with a laser) and hand-assembled.

Edna Piorko

Edna Piorko sculpturesEnda Piorko makes miniatures, like this miniature lighthouse and miniature family (Photo: Courtesy of Edna Piorko)

Edna Piorko of Galilee, Israel, fell in love with the feel of clay between her fingers during a visit to her son’s sculpture class. She began bringing to life the whimsical houses and figures that swirled in her imagination. Many of the miniature pieces available on her Ceramics Made of Love page incorporate beach finds, including shells, driftwood and stones. “Creating in clay leads me to inner peace and unspeakable happiness and joy,” she told From The Grapevine.

Luciana Frigerio

Luciana Frigerio sculptureLuciana Frigerio's book sculpture "Inspire" (Photo: Courtesy of Luciana Frigerio)

Photographer Luciana Frigerio of Norwich, Vermont, recently discovered a second artistic outlet putting recycled books to creative new use. Her Folded Book Art sculptures are fashioned by carefully folding each page to create positive messages and symbols. Frigerio also produces custom designs for special occasions such as anniversaries, birth announcements and birthdays. “Anything is possible!” she told From The Grapevine.

Daniel Fleming

Daniel Fleming sculptureDaniel Fleming makes small bronze sculptures, like this pair of hands. (Photo: Courtesy of Daniel Fleming)

Daniel Fleming studied business in school but found his true calling pursuing art on the side. The self-taught sculptor based in Arroyo Grande, Calif., forged his niche while watching an episode of "This Old House" about a small foundry that made brass doorknobs. “I always loved anything small made in metal, and thought I could make little affordable bronze figures and mass-produce them on a small scale,” Fleming told From The Grapevine. Sold on his Small Bronzes page, his diminutive bronzes feature pairs of hands, as well as playfully posed human and animal figures.

Wolfram Kampffmeyer

Wolfram Kampffmeyer sculpturesWolfram Kampffmeyer makes patterns that let people create their own paper scupltures. (Photo: Courtesy of Wolfram Kampffmeyer)

If you ever yearned to sculpt your own creations, look no further than Wolfram Kampffmeyer of Stuttgart, Germany, and his Paperwolf DIY Paper Sculptures page. After studying computer animation in his native Germany, Kampffmeyer set about turning his beloved virtual 3D models into real-life paper constructions. His DIY paper-craft kits allow would-be sculptors to assemble their own flamingos, meerkats, aardvarks and other fanciful forms. Most kits come with paper pieces already cut and perforated for easy folding.


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5 sculptors to discover on Etsy
These artists are turning their hobbies into businesses via the online craft site.