It's not uncommon to spot attendees dressed as superheroes at San Diego's Comic-Con. It's not uncommon to spot attendees dressed as superheroes at San Diego's Comic-Con. It's not uncommon to spot attendees dressed as superheroes at San Diego's Comic-Con. (Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images)

5 questions we hope to get answered at Comic-Con

The gigantic entertainment convention opens in San Diego this week.

If you've never been to Comic-Con International in San Diego, it's hard to describe just how huge and sprawling the convention is – and how much it's evolved over the years. What has overtaken the actual goings-on at the convention – think people in costume – are the panel discussions that bring the stars, directors and writers of movies and TV shows to the fans who adore them. The panels are where most of the big news from Comic-Con is generated, whether it's a director talking about a casting decision or a new film trailer being shown.

Because of the huge movie and TV titles that are coming out in the next year, there should be a lot of news coming from Comic-Con, which starts on July 8. Here are some of the questions we would like to see answered at the various panels.

'Batman vs. Superman': Will we see the backstory for Diana Prince/Wonder Woman?

Affleck Gadot Cavill Batman vs SupermanBen Affleck, Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill star in "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice," to be released in 2016. (Photo: Clay Enos/Warner Bros. (via Entertainment Weekly))

Warner Bros. has a panel on Saturday morning, and it's already been announced that the cast of "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" will be there along with its American director Zack Snyder. We've seen Batman's and Superman's backstories so many times, we know them by heart, so to many the most exciting part is the introduction of Wonder Woman into the DC movie universe. Played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman and her alter ego Diana Prince will be a significant part of the 2016 release, before getting a movie of her own in 2017.

'Star Wars': Will there be a new Death Star?

A scene from the new trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'A scene from the new trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.' (Photo: Lucasfilm)

Lucasfilm will have a huge presence at the convention; a panel with "The Force Awakens" director J.J. Abrams and writer Lawrence Kasdan will highlight the day on July 10. We're pretty sure they'll show a new trailer as well – maybe one that features a mature Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher). But will we see a new Death Star ship? Say this for the Empire: they keep trying to build a better one, even after the Rebels keep destroying them.

'Fantastic Four': Will we get to meet the cast?

Fantastic FourKate Mara, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Jaime Bell star in the reboot of "Fantastic Four." (Photo: 20th Century Fox/Marvel)

A reboot of "Fantastic Four" is coming out in August. This is just one of the titles that Avi Arad brought to life at Marvel, and there is scuttlebutt that the stars of the new version will show up at Comic-Con, maybe during Marvel's off-campus showcase for their biggest fans. Either way, they could show a new scene to get the fans excited about the upcoming release.

'Star Wars': Will the classic characters be back for episodes VIII and IX?

star wars episode VII trailer chewbaccaChewbacca and Han Solo have finally been revealed – but where is his "home" they're referencing? Could it be the Millennium Falcon? (Photo: Lucasfilm/Disney)

Details from the next two episodes, produced by Israeli Ram Bergman and directed by American Rian Johnson, haven't been revealed yet, including the cast. So will we see Luke, Leia and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) again? How about Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew)? All of the actors aren't getting any younger, and we've already seen Ford, the oldest of the four at 72, suffer a severe injury that slowed filming of Episode VII. Let's hope someone asks if we'll see the old favorites back when the last two parts debut in 2017 and 2019.

'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers': Any plot details for the new movie?

The cast of the Power Rangers.The cast of the Power Rangers. (Photo: Saban Entertainment)

A new "Power Rangers" comic series will be introduced at Comic-Con this week. But that's not all. A "Power Rangers" movie is also in the works and set to be released in 2017. Fans of the original TV series, brought to life by Israeli Haim Saban, are hoping their favorite heroes will be back. Will they make some news at this year's Comic-Con? Only time will tell.


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