Minions movie Minions movie 'Minions' are continuing to conquer both the international box office and people's hearts. (Photo: s_bukley /Shutterstock)

5 minions street dance parties from around the world

As these videos prove, there ain't no party like a minion party.

Minions, those small, yellow pill-like creatures whose sole function is to help villainous masterminds take over the world, appear to have a knack for doing it all their own.

The "Minions" film, a spin-off from Dreamworks' animated "Despicable Me" franchise, was No. 1 at the international box office this weekend – besting superheroes, terminators, and even the latest Pixar film.

It's clear that everyone loves minions – and to celebrate their world dominance, we've compiled five videos of the best street dances featuring these lovable goofballs. So put down those plans for taking over the world, sit back, and prepare to feel a bit more happy.

Minion Mayhem Flashmob in Orlando, Florida

Set to the Bee Gees 1970's classic "You Should Be Dancing," this minion-inspired flashmob at the Universal Studio Orlando Resort features some hot dance moves, appearances by "Despicable Me" characters, and a very adorable crowd participation moment at the end. And yes, one minion in particular can't help but have his own personal moment in the spotlight as well.

Minion Street Romp in Tel Aviv, Israel

What happens when two minions decide to roam the streets of Tel Aviv? Laughing, hugging, dancing, and all around smiles from both children and adults alike. It looks like these two also managed to score some quality time in some of the city's famed flea markets. Have you hugged a minion today?

Minion Street Dance in Las Vegas, Nevada

While lacking the slick moves of the previous street dance, this one in Las Vegas wins points for accuracy in costume design. How in the world anyone can move around in those things is beyond us – but this group of minions does it with style. Bonus scene: The terrified minion who comes running at the camera is sure to make you giggle.

Minion Flash Mob Proposal in London

Minions make you smile, but as this guy finds out first-hand, they can also bring you to tears of joy. A flash mob dance set to Pharrell Williams "Happy" quickly turns into a life-changing moment for this couple. Wait for the end when the yellow minion off to the side approaches to surprise his partner in the audience with a very special question.

Minion Flash Mob in Germany

Costumed minions and their human counterparts rock it out with this flash mob performance in Braunschweig, Germany. It ends in classic minion fashion with one yellow guy racing over too late and the audience unsure of whether to clap or wait for more lunacy.


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5 minions street dance parties from around the world
As these videos prove, there ain't no party like a minion party.