tom hiddleston tom hiddleston British actor Tom Hiddleston providing narration for "The Love Book," an anthology of poems, short stories, quotes and letters about love. (Photo: The Love Book)

5 books we wish Tom Hiddleston would read to us

'Thor' actor and celebrated star of the British stage has a way with words that would make these stories even richer.

As the Norse god Loki in Marvel's "Thor" film franchise, British actor Tom Hiddleston is imbued with great power as a nearly indestructible evil sorcerer. In the real world, the 35-year-old wields his own magic, not just with his charming, affable personality, but with the ridiculously seductive tone of his voice.

Play a few seconds of Hiddleston reciting William Shakespeare's "If Music be the Food of Love," or English poet John Keats' "Bright Star," and you'll instantly understand why so many people melt under his words. Even the British Museum couldn't resist, recruiting the actor to narrate its audio tour of the Ancient Egyptian "Book of the Dead."

With everything sounding better out of Hiddleston's mouth, we thought it would be amusing to round up a list of other stories we would enjoy hearing him read. Below are just a few of our picks. Be sure to leave your own in the comments below!

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things AreAdmit it: You really want to hear Tom Hiddleston exclaim: 'Let the wild rumpus start!' (Photo: Maurice Sendak)

A 1964 Caldecott Medal winner by American author Maurice Sendak, "Where the Wild Things Are" is a beloved children's book. We're also pretty sure that some adults wouldn't mind cozying up to hear Hiddleston recite the brief 10 sentences that make up the story. Who wouldn't want to hear the actor exclaim: "'And now,' cried Max, 'let the wild rumpus start!'"

The Mommy Track Mysteries

Mommy Track MysteriesA collection of books from the "Mommy Track Mysteries." (Photo:

"The Mommy Track Mysteries," an extremely popular comedic series by Israeli-American novelist Ayelet Waldman, would pair well with Hiddleston's silky narration skills. The novels, which at one point were considered for a television adaptation on CBS, tell the story of a public defender turned stay-at-home-mom and part-time private investigator. Sure, it's not Shakespeare, but who wouldn't want to hear Hiddleston repeat the main character's name, Juliet Applebaum, again and again?

The Stand

tom hiddleston the standCould Tom Hiddleston bring a new, darker voice to King's timeless apocalyptic novel? (Photo: The Stand)

American author Stephen King's post-apocalyptic classic would take on a whole new dimension paired with Hiddleston's narration. As someone who is already familiar with smooth-talking villains, King's evil antagonist Randall Flagg would be easy for Hiddleston to bring to life. In fact, just thinking about him describing the classic chicken dinner that Mother Abigail whips up for the survivors is already making us hungry.

Go The F*ck To Sleep

go to sleep hiddlestonTom Hiddleston should most certainly narrate the classic children's book for adults, 'Go The F*ck To Sleep." (Photo: Ricardo Cortes)

While American actors Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Garner have provided narration for this classic "children's book for adults," we think it's time to hand it over to Hiddleston for a go. Written by American author Adam Mansbach, the book uses strong language to paint the reality of frustrating bedtime rituals for parents of young children. Since Hiddleston has already narrated an episode of the adult animated comedy series "Robot Chicken," getting him to take on this book should be an easy sell.

The Harry Potter Series

tom hiddleston harry potterTom Hiddleston narrating all seven novels in the 'Harry Potter' series? Yes, please. (Photo: Harry Potter)

While British actors Jim Dale and Stephen Fry have both lent their voices to narrating the literary phenomenon that is the "Harry Potter" series, we think Hiddleston's voice talents could inject fresh life into the adventures of Ron, Harry and Hermione. We would completely understand, however, if British author J.K. Rowling rejected the suggestion based on the potential of making Albus Dumbledore "too damn sexy."


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5 books we wish Tom Hiddleston would read to us
Play a few seconds of Tom Hiddleston reciting William Shakespeare, and you'll see why we think having him read these stories would make them even richer