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5 awesome people over 70 to follow on social media

From a 'Golden Girl' to a former Star Fleet captain, here are five celebrities who rock the online scene.

The world of social media may appear to be dominated by young celebrities, but look closer and you'll find their older counterparts doing an equally good job of staying connected with fans. These digital windows into our favorite celebrities' lives not only entertain and amuse, but also inspire us to learn more about the causes and personal passions close to their hearts. Below are five celebrities over the age of 70 that will add a bit of punch to your social media newsfeed.

Betty White


A pioneering woman in television, as well as a force for helping animals, Betty White has proven time and again that age is nothing but a number and that laughter is truly the best medicine. As one would expect, the 93-year-old former "Golden Girl" is also a powerhouse on social media, where she regularly treats her copious fans on Instagram and Twitter to images of her beloved pets, her "Hot in Cleveland" co-stars, and yes, even exercise tips from her home in Los Angeles.

Larry King


In 2010, at the age of 77, Larry King ended his 25-year tenure as the host of the groundbreaking interview show "Larry King Live." Never one to retire quietly, King has since gone on to co-found a production company, launch a popular web-based series ("Larry King Now") and ramp up his impressive efforts on social media. The 81-year-old last week visited Israel, posting photos on the experience and, as usual, giving everyone his trademark #TwoCents.

Patrick Stewart


A legend in the worlds of theater, television and film, Sir Patrick Stewart has entertained generations in dozens of roles from "Star Trek" to "X-Men." More recently, he's also built a loyal following on social media and regularly updates his millions of fans with thoughts on the best taqueria in Los Angeles, research to help save the whales, and hotel bed issues.

Ian McKellen


Just like his pal Patrick Stewart, actor Ian McKellen has embraced social media as a way to connect with fans, show off his dry wit, and give a glimpse into the life of a entertainment legend. The 76-year-old, known to younger generations as the Wizard Gandalf from the "Lord of the Rings" franchise or Magneto from "X-Men," regularly posts to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Recent topics have included the release of his new U.K.-based drama "Mr. Holmes" and treasured family recipes.

Jane Goodall


One of the world's great conservation champions, Jane Goodall uses social media to inspire people around the world to support and act to save species and habitat in peril. The 81-year-old continues to travel the world (with upcoming speaking events in New York and London) to raise awareness on critical issues such as poaching, animal sanctuaries and humanitarian efforts. Recent topics have included the harsh realities of trophy hunting, the illegal ivory trade and memorable quotes.


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5 awesome people over 70 to follow on social media
From a 'Golden Girl' to a former Star Fleet captain, here are five celebrities who rock the online scene.