roman mosaic found in israel roman mosaic found in israel This Roman mosaic has an inscription written in ancient Greek. (Photo: Assaf Peretz / Israel Antiquities Authority)

1,800-year-old mural shows why togas never go out of fashion

Check out the mural archaeologists just uncovered in Israel.

Apparently, college students aren't the only ones to celebrate togas. Archaeologists uncovered a massive mural on a dig in Caesarea, an ancient Roman town that's now a national park in present-day Israel. And it's a pretty toga-related finding.

“The figures, all males, wear togas and apparently belonged to the upper class,” wrote the archaeologists in a statement. “The central figure is frontal, and the two others face him on either side.”

mos The mosaic was found in Caesarea, Israel. (Photo: Assaf Peretz / Israel Antiquities Authority)

The mosaic is 1,800 years old. It's about 3 yards wide and 8 yards long, and it's super colorful. It also includes a Greek inscription, which is getting archaeologists pretty excited. Dr. Leah Di Segni, an archaeology professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is currently studying the inscription.

On the same dig, the researchers also found a big building that probably used to be a center of public life.

mosaic found in israel This mosaic was uncovered as part of an excavation project intended to attract tourists. (Photo: Assaf Peretz / Israel Antiquities Authority)

“The dig uncovered part of a large, opulent building dating back 1,500 years to the Byzantine period," write the archaeologists. They think the building was "a kind of ancient version of Tel Aviv’s shopping complexes."

When I first looked at the photos, I was expecting to see some sort of childish drawing. Not that I'm hating on ancient artists or anything; I just wouldn't expect them to know much about anatomy or perspective.

So I was really struck when I saw that the mosaic was artistically quite well done. Three men in togas stand around, presumably discussing either the deep philosophical questions of the age or where to get their togas dry cleaned.


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