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stuffed mushroomsIsraeli KitchenPhoto: 5 Second Studio/Shutter stock

9 recipes for people who love stuffed stuff

Vegetables on the side? Try vegetables as a vessel for your favorite stuffable ingredients.

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ramen noodle bowls

6 creative ways to eat ramen

It's time to give ramen, everyone's favorite noodle bowl, the old college try.

Many cans of soda contain more sugar than the FDA's suggested daily intake.

6 refreshing soft drinks that are healthier than you think

These beverages offer a reduced-sugar alternative to the average soda.

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No animals were harmed to make this meat

A company is growing a new kind of cultured meat that's cheaper, healthier, tastier and better for the planet.

Veggie beet and carrot burgers with avocado

7 cities that make vegetarians proud

Find out why these towns have captured the admiration of vegetarians the world over.

quinoa bowl

6 recipes that harness the brilliance of quinoa

This protein-rich, wholesome seed is packed with benefits and is fantastic in so many recipes.

White Manna's slider is made with fresh ingredients. The ground meat and rolls are delivered fresh each day and the onion is chopped onsite as needed.

Take a bite out of the best little burgers in the U.S.

White Manna, a throwback to diners of yesteryear, has been serving up its popular sliders since 1946.

Grilled tuna in honey sauce is a favorite dish at this Peruvian restaurant.

The restaurants every seafood lover should eat at

Crazy for crab? Obsessed with oysters? Partial to plaice? These standout seafood establishments should be right up your alley.

The Impossible Burger made its public debut today at Momofuku Nishi restaurant in New York.

NYC restaurant is making hamburger history

Manhattan eatery is the first to serve up the 'Impossible Burger.'

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7 Mediterranean sauces that redefine condiments

Leave the ketchup in the fridge this time. These sauces will surely spruce up your meal.

caprese salad

How to give your pantry a Mediterranean makeover

Stocking up on certain Mediterranean foods will help you take advantage of one of the healthiest diets in the world.


A perfect way to start the day

An Israeli photographer documents his breakfast extravaganza.


5 recipe variations that jazz up classic shakshouka

Turn it green, add a sprinkling of cheese, serve it over hummus – there's no denying the awesomeness of shakshouka.

Buy dad a bottle of liquor for Father's Day.

What ingredients are in these liqueurs?

From Campari to Chartreuse, we try to unravel the mystery inside.

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The fantastic fritter: 7 recipes to delight your dinner guests

We love to fry anything. Here are the best recipes for fritters that celebrate this obsession perfectly.

Mizlala dessert

What are the best food cities in the world?

If you’re a foodie, a world traveler or both, you’ll want to start saving up the airfare money for these 15 cities.