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Tiramisu in cocktail glassesIsraeli KitchenPhoto: Sarah F. Berkowitz

Tiramisu in cocktail glasses

A rich and creamy no-bake Italian cheese dessert with strong notes of espresso and vodka.

Culinary News

Vendor at Tel Aviv's Carmel Market

How to become a vegetarian for a week

Embracing fruits and veggies is easier than you think – especially with these delicious recipes.

Zahav culinary tour of Israel

Why are 5 American chefs traveling to Israel?

Famed chef Michael Solomonov says a trip overseas is the best way to understand the cuisine of his birthplace.

Spring provides an opportune time to enjoy both the outdoors and your favorite glass of wine.

5 affordable wines to enjoy this spring

With the warmer weather comes new options for wine choices.

mediterranean diet and brain power

Can a diet boost your brain power?

New study shows how Mediterranean foods like nuts and olive oil may ward off cognitive decline.

Hummus-stuffed deviled eggs

Surprising ways to use hummus

From deviled eggs to dessert, Hummus expands far beyond its role of go-to dip.

Carmel Winery's Instagram-friendly plates

Foodie photographers rejoice: Restaurant designs its plates for social media

'Food-O-Graphy' captures the perfect shot of gourmet food for your Instagram.

The Palomar bar

The Palomar named best restaurant in United Kingdom

Mediterranean eatery is London outpost of Jerusalem's acclaimed Machneyuda.

The La Boqueria market is a big tourist attraction in Barcelona.

What to eat at the world’s best food markets

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Inn at Glenora

Vineyard tours worth traveling for

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Jam forming a heart on toast.

How to give Mom the ultimate international breakfast in bed

This Mother's Day, do something special: Don't let her get out of bed until she eats breakfast!

Tishbi winery patrons learn how to pair chocolate at the wine bar.

Wine? Chocolate? Good food? It's all here at the Tishbi winery

Mellow wine, mellow people make for an enjoyable experience in Israeli wine country.

Some Australians have turned to freeganism out of necessity.

The best cities to be a freegan

A bounty of discarded food awaits dumpster divers in these towns.

Basil spices play a delicious role in many cuisines.

Why basil is good for you

Herb is an excellent source of vitamins, promotes blood flow and is used in aromatherapy.

vegan barbecue photo

And the top vegan destination in the world is ...

The Daily Meal reveals its ranking of the best places to travel on a plant-based diet.