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Heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's DayIsraeli KitchenPhoto: AnjelikaGr/Shutterstock

Homemade desserts for Valentine’s Day

Who needs a box of chocolates when you can create delicious treats in your own kitchen?

Culinary News

Chef Michael Solomonov traveled Israel visiting various kitchens including that of Ruthie Rousso.

Is this the best food documentary of 2016?

‘In Search of Israeli Cuisine’ takes a culinary tour of the country and delivers a mouthwatering thrill ride.

People eating dinner inside Herbert Samuel Restaurant in Tel Aviv

5 reasons why Tel Aviv is a top foodie destination

Because the food is really good (and a few other reasons).

The farm to counter concept is gaining popularity.

Fast-casual food goes gourmet around the world

Eating healthy on the go just got a little easier with these restaurants.

charcuterie spread

How to prepare a Mediterranean party plate

We’ll help you construct a party-ready appetizer spread that celebrates the best part of entertaining – sharing great food with great friends.

These chips are actually made from crickets. Yum!

Would you eat fruit fly larvae to help save the planet?

The Flying Spark joins other companies making grub with bugs.

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6 wonderful ways to cook with chickpeas

The versatility of this tasty legume is virtually limitless.


9 Mediterranean recipes we loved in 2015

From couscous to shakshouka to kebabs, the Israeli Kitchen whipped up some of the region's best dishes this year.

candy apples

Bite into these shiny candy apples

Sweets at this bustling market are giving us major holiday treat goals.

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6 herbs and spices that'll add a kick to your kitchen this winter

Whether spicy or sweet – or both – your menu is sure to benefit from these flavors.

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5 of our favorite cheesy recipes

For these dishes, the stage is set when the cheese is melted.

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Holiday desserts: 5 cakes that use fruit in unusual and delicious ways

Let us help you prepare a cake that combines the best fruits, and that also looks scrumptious.

Inbal Baum (left) with one of her clients during a culinary walking tour.

This woman left a law firm to do what she loves

Tourists flock to foodie's popular – and delicious – walks around fresh markets.

A bottle of booze is a surefire hit for a Father's Day gift.

5 bottles under $20 for your holiday table

Add a bit more cheer to the season with these delicious wines.

Israeli couscous with vegetables, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and parsley.

8 Israeli foods that are influencing how America eats

Hummus, falafel, shakshouka, shawarma, the list goes on. Here's why the U.S. loves this cuisine.

za'atar spice blend

What is za'atar? A how-to on your new favorite spice blend

There are many ways to use this unique Mediterranean mixture of spices, derived from a plant of the same name.