The Mediterranean diet celebrates natural, protein-rich eating and also allows for the occasional glass of wine.

This lifestyle change could save 20,000 lives every year

New research reveals the diet that helps people live longer, healthier lives.

An inscription on the base of the Michael Jordan sculpture reads: "He stood before us, suspended above the earth, free from all its laws like a work of art."

The sculptor who's immortalizing American sports heroes

You've probably seen this artist's work at your favorite stadium. From Michael Jordan to Vince Lombardi, Omri Amrany is capturing them for history.

star wars episode 8

'Star Wars' Episode VIII: What we know now

Actors reveal secrets from the set (Yoda returns! A double lightsaber! A Tom Hardy cameo!), and we investigate the latest rumors and developments.

spicy garlic asparagus

Spicy garlic asparagus

A simple seasonal side dish with tons of flavor and just the right amount of heat.

The harbor in the city of Caesarea, once known as Caesarea Maritima, is one of the city's most recognizable features.

A fascinating photo tour of the ancient city of Caesarea

This coastal Israeli city was once part of the Roman Empire and is now steeped in history, wonder and beauty.

Einstein's likeness has been used in myriad ways over the years to hawk beer.

Einstein's bizarre connections to the beer industry

The genius has been associated with the brew business since 1901.

The funicular railway service connects Como with the town of Brunate in Italy.

8 fantastic funiculars from across the globe

From Hong Kong to Haifa, hitch a ride on one of the world’s most remarkable incline railways.

A new solution from researchers at Hebrew University could extend the shelf-life of leafy greens like this spinach up to a month.

Veggie power: Is spinach the new solar?

There's a new movement to extract energy from leaves, and the results are pretty amazing.


Need drugs? Just add water

Getting life-saving medicine will soon be as easy as making instant lemonade.


Side-by-side photos: Actors vs. the real people they played in movies

From Albert Einstein to Jackie Kennedy, here are a handful of historical roles given fresh life by Hollywood's best actors.

An aerial view of downtown Herzliya in Israel.

Is the iPhone 8 being built in Israel?

The coastal city of Herzliya is home to the tech giant's largest R&D lab outside the U.S.

Professor Dan Ariely takes his fame in stride.

2 friends are embarking on the hike of a lifetime – and you're invited

Superstar behavioral economist Dan Ariely is about to walk across Israel, and he’s asking a few lucky strangers to come along.

roasted chicken drumsticks

One-pan herb-roasted chicken with vegetables

Make it look like you spent hours in the kitchen with this mouth-watering herb-roasted chicken.

At these new apartment buildings in Brooklyn, a total of 77,000 square feet of outdoor space will be available to residents.

The man changing the New York City streetscape

Eran Chen is the out-of-the-box architect who went from designing McDonald's branches to reshaping the Big Apple.


Vintage '50s photo: The most fun babysitter ever

You can't help but want to jump in and join the game these kids are playing.